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Part 356: Finale

Music: Footsteps of Destruction


I jump into the yard.
I have to help them both, but Tohsaka is in the most danger right now.
Covered in coal tar, Tohsaka looks pale, and it looks like her life is in danger.

"Tohsaka…! Hey, pull yourself together, you idiot…!"
There's no reply.
"Hold on, I'll have this off you in a minute…!"

I tear away the mud that's covering her.
The mud is gelatinous, but it's just like rubber.
I can't grab it, and even if I pull it off of her body, it just bounces back onto her.

"……! What is this!? I can touch her, so why…!?"
I can't get the mud off, no matter what.
I panic and frantically try to free her.

"Sakurayour face…"
My rage turns to ice.

…Sakura's neck.
Something that looks like a tattoo is consuming her.
It doesn't look like it, but it's a Command Spell.
A mysterious Command Spell is crawling over Sakura's body

But you're confused. You saw what happened to Nii-san, but you're not scolding me."
"That's… fine. We don't have to talk about Shinji right now. I'll listen once you've calmed down."

…That's right.
I have to talk with Sakura right now.
Zouken said a lot of crazy things, but they're all lies.
Sakura is still Sakura.
She's talking to me like always and

No one can scold me now, be it Senpai, Nee-san, Nii-san, or anyone in town."

A chill runs down my back.
No, this isn't just a chill.
It's an intensely cold thorn, as if a knife were slashed from my brain down to my waist.

My vision whites out for a second.

A shadow is standing behind Sakura.

The chill runs throughout my body, paralyzing me with fear.
That's Sakura.
Even when I heard that the shadow is Sakura, I could bear it.
But now that I've seen it, I know.

The thing that went around town killing people like a machineis Sakura.

"Sa… kura."
My throat goes dry.
My eyeballs convulse.
My vision wavers as if space itself is twisted.

Every cell in me screams a warning, trying to defrost my frozen body.

But it doesn't melt.
Sakura's presence isn't human, but something different.
It's not her vast magical energy that got to me.
There's only one reason why my body's frozen.
Sakura is being hostile towards me.

"Yes. You were always like that. You said you'd protect me, but then you'd watch over everyone but me.

But it's fine. I wanted you because you're that kind of a person."

I know how much of a burden I am to you. You'll continue to suffer as long you're with me.
So I had to get away from you."

The shadow dances around.
The ground is like a stage for a shadow picture.

"But I can't. You're the only happiness I have.
And you can't get away from me. Because you can't betray yourself anymore."

You won't have to suffer anymore, right?"

Video: Enveloping Shadow (mirror)


My body shrivels.
My warmth fades away.
It's more painful and frightening than I thought, so my body struggles to break free.
But I can't jump.
First of all, there's no ground to kick off of.
I will…

"This is your order, Sakura. You told me to protect Emiya Shirou no matter the circumstances."

"Please do not move. You will faint if you try to stand up in your state."
…No, I can't even stand up.
I'm on my knees, and just breathing is enough effort to render me unconscious.

Then I'll take you in as well. I don't need any more Servants since I've absorbed something that wasn't in the plan

But I'll specially make you just like Saber."

Music: Stop

"That's enough. You shouldn't do anything unnecessary, Sakura.
You can't come back if you take any more in."

Music: Whirlpool of Fate 2

"I mean exactly what I said. Even if you absorb Rider, kill Shirou, or disable Rin, it'll be meaningless. You're wasting your time, so why don't you stop throwing a tantrum?"

…What's she up to?
Ilya walks over to Sakura.

"I'm the one you want, right? Then let's just finish this. I'll go with you, so leave them alone."

"Are you serious? I only want your heart.
Coming with me means you don't mind getting killed."
"I know. But I'm going to be killed either way, and resistance is useless. You're the strongest one for now."

Ilya talks without emotion.
…It pisses me off.
In my condition, I can't figure out what Ilya's trying to say.

"Are you saying you'll sacrifice yourself, Ilyasviel?"

"Yes. That's my role.
But the formal dress isn't here. If you want to open the gate as the successor, we have to go to my castle to get it."


Then there's no need to kill Shirou.
You accepted it because you didn't want to kill anyone, but now you do want to kill them? You're contradicting yourself, Sakura."


Not only the shadow in the yard, but the mud on Tohsaka fades away as though it never existed.

"……All right. It'll save me the trouble of finding it myself.
I don't know what you're trying to do, but I'll fall for your smooth talk."
Her long hair flutters.
Sakura turns her defenseless back to us and leaves, as if she lost interest in us.

Sakura leaves.
I can't follow after her, or even call out.

Music: Stop

I can't save Ilya either,

and I hear a sad farewell.

I'm pissed.
I was trembling miserably, unable even to take Sakura's hand.
Not only that.
I made Ilya, the one who called me Onii-chan, make a face like that!

"Do not pursue them. I will kill you if you take another step."
A black servant blocks my way.
She points her sword at me, overwhelming us without saying a word.

"…Please get out of my way, Saber. I can't let those two leave like that."

"That is my line. I cannot let you follow after them. …And even if I do withdraw, what can you do?"

"…This is your final warning. Sakura will obtain the Holy Grail one way or another. That is the only way for her to be released.
Even if the result is her death, Matou Sakura will be saved."

"If you wish to save her, then withdraw.
Should you follow us in spite of thatI will take your head."

…I can't stay conscious.
As my vision fades…
The image of Sakura drowning in the shadow sticks in my mind, as if to impeach me.