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by seorin

Part 357: Finale, replay

Music: Quiet Voice

The outcome of the battle is decided.
Or more accurately, it was decided a long time ago.
This end has been determined ever since you lost Saber.

'…But Shirou. To oppose that thing is to go down the most difficult path.
Please keep that in mind.'

That was said by the girl who fought with you as your sword until the very end.
The night you parted with her.
You promised to keep fighting by yourself, stop the shadow, and end the war.

There was hell.
There has to be a meaning to why you survived that hell.
There has to be a meaning to why you must keep living.
It's not that you miraculously survived while everyone else died.
It's merely that one person was saved by the sacrifice of everyone else.

You hated that.
To break through reality, all you could do was become a superhero that can save anyone.

He destroyed the Holy Grail, denied his battle because it was wrong, and frantically searched for any survivors.
No matter what his intentions were, his tears saved you, and you were able to start walking on a new path with him.

The man who led the way died, leaving the dream to you.
'YeahI'm relieved.'

Emiya Kiritsugu swallowed the sins for which he couldn't atone and left this world.

He couldn't save anyone.
So he wanted you to be able to save someone.

…I know.
I know what it means, and I have to atone for it using all my life.
I killed the me that I believed in for ten years.
The me that was killed will feed on me.

And this is the embodiment of that crime.
A saint's shield is useless.
Archer's arm will eat away at me, forcing me to atone for my sins.
It will bring an end far worse than death.

That's right.
It's only one arm. Now that you survived, you won't die even if you cut it off.
So why?

A girl that longed for her father, but lived seeking revenge.
She almost cried, but smiled and swallowed her words so that we could live together.
Saying we can't do such a thing.
We can't live long together.

'Goodbye. It was fun, Onii-chan.'

Music: Stop