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Part 358: Resume battle. Kotomine's help.

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Music: Church on the Hill

"That's the spirit. It seems there is no need for hospitalization."

"…That is my line.
You and Rin were abandoned at the door.
I wanted to leave you two, since you made a rather ugly pair as abandoned children go, but you were also dead on your feet. Had I done nothing, there would have been two dead bodies in front of my church. A church cannot afford that image, so I had no choice but to treat you."

…I figure out the situation I'm in.
This is the chapel.
There's nothing wrong with my body. The energy that was swallowed by Sakura's shadow has recovered.
I lost consciousness back in my yard. It must be the same for Tohsaka.
Rider probably carried us here.

Rider has no means of healing wounded people.
Kotomine was probably the only one she knew that could heal us.
How long has it been?
The time is

"It is three in the morning. You have been sleeping for about twelve hours since you were carried here."
"Twelve hours!? That's half a day…!"
I get up from the chair I was lying on.
I can't lie around like this…!

"Kotomine, where's Tohsaka!? She was there too, right!? Where is she!?"

"I have Rin resting at her place.
You only had your energy taken away, but she had her magical energy taken away. It would normally take seven days to recover, but the land of Tohsaka is good for her.
If all goes well, she should regain consciousness by tomorrow afternoon."

"I see. So her life's not in danger?"

"No. The soil of that land is special. It is a ley line that is said to have been home to vampires. Rin is her family's heir, so she will be back to her impudent self if I keep her buried for a day."

I think I heard something I'm not used to hearing, but I decide not to ask about it.
Let's hope he doesn't literally mean "bury".

"I see. Thanks for the care."
I leave the church.

I know what I have to do.
Follow Sakura.
Bring back Ilya. Bring back Sakura.
Protect the one I love.
So what if the fight's outcome is already determined?
I still have the power to fight.
So this is no time to be hesitating.

Sakura and Saber.
Zouken and Assassin.
If Zouken is after Ilya, I have to assume all my enemies are at my destination.

"So, where are you going, Emiya Shirou? I do not know the situation."
"…? It's obvious. Ilya went with Sakura to protect us. She said to go to the castle if Sakura wants her formal dress. I don't know what this formal dress is, but they're likely heading to her castle."

"Formal dress…? No, never mind that. Matou Sakura has become your enemy? Then the victor of this Holy Grail War is decided."
It's irritating, but Kotomine's right.

Zouken and Sakura.
Sakura is obviously the superior Master, but she can't disobey Zouken.
…I don't know what she's trying to do with Ilya, but it'll end once she meets Zouken.
No matter how much Sakura refuses him, the crest worm in her body will control her.

"Hey, more importantly!
Why are you following me!?"

"It will be too much for you alone. If Ilyasviel has been kidnapped, I cannot just watch quietly."

I stop at the unexpected reply.
What did he just say?

"Too much for me? So you're going to help me…!?"

"Are you discontent? You will be fighting against the greatest force.
Now that Rin cannot help you, my powers should be of assistance."

There's no way I'm discontented.
I'm happy for any help, but

"Why? There's no reason for you to help me."

"Of course not. It is just this one time. Do not consider me your ally after we rescue Ilyasviel. We can never understand each other."

"It is simply for mutual benefit.
Furthermore, they defeated all my Servants. Is that not a good enough reason?"