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Part 373: Burst

Video: Burst (mirror)

Music: Sonic Barrage (Realta Nua)

A shooting star is a small star, after all.
The swordsman who Rider faces.
Rider cannot break through Saber's guard, as she firmly fixes herself on the ground and overwhelms Rider.

No matter how quickly Rider leaps to attack her blind spots, Saber deflects the daggers with a single swing of her blade, striking Rider in the same motion.
Her severe firmness reminds me of a black sun.
A large star that will consume you once you draw near.
No matter how fast Rider may move, an ephemeral shooting star can never match the light of one that burns in place.

Her sneak attack is repelled yet again, and she's wounded.
…She can retreat as Saber counterattacks because of her superhuman speed.
Rider closes in and withdraws in an instant, just like a black spark.
But her efforts merely prevent a fatal blow.

Rider's speed decreases the more she attacks.
High-speed movement and continuous offense.
Natural healing that regenerates the wounds Saber sustains.
She's not thinking about anything that comes after.
She can't match Saber unless she uses all of her energy.

Rider's blocking Saber's attacks by attacking.
Once Saber shifts to offense, she and her master will be killed instantly.
Therefore, Rider keeps running, knowing she'll eventually burn out.

It's been ten minutes since passing that limit.
Rider's legs are starting to give in to the strain.

Rider's attacks have not reached her, and she shows no fatigue.
Technique, vitality, magical energy.
Saber overwhelms Rider in these three aspects.
Thereforeonce Rider loses her speed, her sole advantage, Saber will shift to offense.

…It's only a matter of time before Saber catches up to Rider's speed.
A few more seconds. Rider will be out of breath once her next attack is blocked.
The instant Rider loses her strength and magical energy, Saber will slice her body in half.

But this has been predicted.
Before they came to the cavern.
The boy told Rider of his prediction, of this exact outcome.
She knows she'll lose if she fights like this.

There's only one way to change the outcome of death.
They hold their breath and wait for the moment

Music: Stop


I'm blown away.
The wind's strong.

I'm losing my comprehension of what's before me.

Select, analyze.

But it hurts.
It's painful and scary.
QuickQuick, is Rid .

Defer. Defer. Defer. Defer.

My right lung is torn from within.