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Part 393: Death Penalty / Tiger Dojo 37

Following immediately after the last one, this dead end is the result of refusing Kotomine's help. Now why would you do a thing like that?

Music: Church on the Hill

"I see. I thought I could be of some help, but this is unfortunate."
The priest stops.
…I have no time to waste.
I have to follow after Sakura as quickly as possible.

Music: Stop

Music: Wandering Shadow

…I check my left arm.
I lost my arm at that time.
The shadow nearly killed me, and there was nothing I could do about it.
It's the same now.
I have no way to match the shadow even if I encounter it, and they also have Saber.

…It'll be the end once I encounter them.
If I'm to get Ilya back, a surprise attack will be the only way.
I'll rescue Ilya without Sakura noticing.

How can I return Sakura to the way I knew her?

I have no answer.
All I can do is to try to catch up to them as quickly as possible.

I emerge in a familiar place.
It's been two hours since I entered the forest.
The sun should already be up, but the trees are still shrouded in morning mist.

…This is where I stopped last time.
If the scene Ilya showed me is right, the Einzbern castle should be near here.
A bit more.
A bit more, and I'll reach the enemy base.

There's no one around.
It's strange that there's no watch anywhere, but I can't back out even if this is a trap.

Music: Stop

"…Are they not on guard? Are they taking me lightly because I'm alone, or…"

Have Zouken and Sakura left already?
…That would explain things.
It's been almost a day since Sakura took Ilya.
I don't know why they came here, but maybe they've already finished their business

"No, there are human presences. And"
A bizarre atmosphere shrouds the place.
An overwhelming flow of magical energy clings to my skin like heavy fog.
…This has to be it.
This is what Sakura's magical energy was like after the crest took control.

"It's thicker on lower grounds…"
Sakura's on the first floor.
…I can look for the stairs and head down, but I should find Ilya first.
I can't do anything if she's with Sakura, but I have to go save her if she's trapped somewhere in this castle.

And in the very back of the fourth floor…
I come across a storeroom that's unlike any of the others.

If Ilya isn't here, she must be with Sakura on the first floor

"Who is it…!?"
I turn around at the sound of footsteps.
Standing at the door is…

…A familiar woman in a white dress.

She's Ilya's servant, Sella.

"Please go home, Emiya-sama. My lady does not wish to see you."
"Eh… Hold on, you mean Ilya…!?"

"…Please call her Ilyasviel-sama. You do not have the right to address her in that manner."

I'm overawed by her ice-cold voice.

"That is all of her message. Make haste if you value your life. You will die if you stay here, Emiya-sama."
Sella bows and leaves.

"…Wait, wait, Sella…!"

Maybe it was unexpected that I called her name, as she stops and looks at me.

"Yes? I cannot tell you where my lady is, nor where your friend is. My only duty is to give you this message."
Sella talks without emotion.
…I freeze at the sight.

It's not her attitude that bothers me.
…She's like her.
I don't know why I'm thinking this, but Ilya and Sella are alike.
Their faces, demeanor, build, and age are different, but it feels like they're sisters

"Ohno, Sella. I came to save Ilya, so I have no intention of bothering you.
You're Ilya's servant, right? Then you should know that we have to get Ilya out of this castle."

"How rude.
But as you say, she needs to be freed as quickly as possible."
"…! Right? Then tell me where she is."

"…I cannot do that. Furthermore, there is no longer any use in telling you."
Sella quietly backs away.

"Wait, I!"

At that instant.
A black dagger is fired at me from where Sella was.

Music: Footsteps of Destruction

…My legs give way.
Pain wracks my body, and I retreat to the window.
In front of me…

…Is a white skull glowing in the dark.

"Haa, …!"
I grope blindly for the window.
…But what good will it do, even if I find it?
This is the fourth floor, and a dagger has pierced my chest.
I'm losing blood, and I should lose a third of my blood within the next minute.

"You were a fool to come here alone."
"I am not like the magus. I shall quickly free you from the pain."

I twist my body.
I don't care if it is the fourth floor.
I run to escape the death that stands before me…

Music: Stop

But my carotid artery is cut when my hands are on the windowsill…

The skull grows hazy.
"Sleep. Salvation will not be given to you, but it should be better than being eaten by that monster."
My vision blurs.

Video: Tiger Dojo 37 (mirror)

Music: Gentle Everyday

Osu. Excessive bleeding and falling to his death. There's no hope of survival.

I don't think I even need to say it, but the cause of this death is because you went against them by yourself.
If there's a chance to join hands with someone, go ahead and do it for a better result.

What? Then it's also good to join hands with people like Caster and Shinji?

Hm. No, consider their personalities.
First of all, you don't even get those choices.

What a failure. I wanted to see a route where Shirou and Shinji cooperate, or where you join hands with Caster.

Kiii! Don't talk about the rejected routes! Time and resources aren't infinite!
It's the spirit of the cook to put the most effort into the tastiest part!

Okay, I'll leave it at that.
So, you just have to join hands with Kotomine?

…Hmm, I guess so.
I understand not wanting to cooperate with that priest, but throw away your personal feelings and fight together.

Osu, I understand!
Yesterday's foe is today's friend! It's a common turn of events in a manga!

Yup! Everyone's part of the family! It's a good phrase! Use it!

That's right! Take full advantage of him and throw him away once you're done!

Music: Stop