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Part 60: Melty Blood / Tiger Dojo 4

Music: Breach

I can get behind a single-minded desire to beat Shinji down.

I kick the floor, not being pushed back by Rider's pressure.
There's only six meters to Shinji.
If I can avoid Rider even once, I'll be able to run and get Shinji…!

I concentrate my senses to her every move so I can react to any attack.
Her target is my left side.
Her left fist made a small motion. I manage to dodge her first attack, go through the space between Rider and the wall, and run toward Shinji.

Her figure disappears.

My plan to go through the opening is meaningless.
Rider's figure disappears from my view in an instant, and in front of me is an open path.

This is bad.
I have to stop myself.
I screwed up. Saber told me that many times, but I still did not get it.
I can't go forward.
I can't face Rider.
Even if it's just one blow, I shouldn't have made a plan that required me to dodge a blow…!

Afterbrain… the part of the brain that gathers dust from a lack of use.

Music: Stop


"What is this… air? Why is air coming out?"

"It appears to be a blow-up doll, Master. I do not think we are being taken seriously."

"…but why? Why would Saber have such a thing?"

"Ha, ahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!
What is that!? You're just like a specimen sample!
That's awesome, your neck is making great sounds…!"
"I have gone easy on him. I believe he can still be saved if you heal him."
"…Hey, what are you doing, making choices on your own? Who said to go easy on him? …Geez, Servants shouldn't give opinions to their Master."

"Then you have no intention of saving this person?"
"Nope. First of all, I can't use any healing magic. He's just going to die, so let him be at ease."
"I understand. I shall not melt him in my boundary field. I shall quench my thirst directly."

A heavy metallic sound echoes.
…My body is lifted a little.

…She is staring at my bloody neck.
The Servant in black opens her mouth delicately and…

…Bites into my neck as if kissing it.

Okay, I really don't know of any vampires famous for riding things.

Well, I'll be damned. The illogical choice actually leads to death for once.

Video: Tiger Dojo 4 (mirror)

Music: Gentle Everyday

The main storyline is almost up to the middle stage. Onee-chan is happy that Shirou is willing to fight.

But this choice is troublesome. Were you really listening to Saber-chan's advice?

Of course not! Saber and Rin's explanations are too long. I found it too annoying, so I skipped the entire training scene.

Glad I'm not the only one.

Geez. Look, unless you're in a lot of danger, avoid fighting a Servant head on.

There'll be a chance if you keep holding on. You should be patient for now, and let your opponent do as they wish.

…but… it's Shinji…

Osu, I understand.
By the way, you push a stamp of something every time we come to this dojo. What is it?

That's called a Tiger Stamp. If you collect them, you'll feel good, and they're also a good way to see how much of the game you've completed already.

And if you collect them all…


Your screen will be filled with paws!

So I can't be held responsible even if you go through lots of trouble to collect them.

So I'll be waiting at the next Tiger Dojo!

Look at that face Ilya is making. She wants Shirou to die.

…then again, don't we all?