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Part 62: Rafflesia umbrella / Tiger Dojo 5

My mind hesitates for an instant.
As I'm an unskilled Master, the Command Spell is a trump that I can only use three times.
Right after I calmly analyze that I can't use it without giving it more thought…

Music: Footsteps of Destruction

It's as if a bomb was set in my body and it went off from the impact of the fall.
I don't know why.
My chest has holes in it.
Like a rib sticking out, a group of swords is sticking out from my stomach.

"Crap, I'm melting again. Body, uh… stop melting… please?"

Music: Stop

Video: Tiger Dojo 5 (mirror)

Music: Gentle Everyday

Who cares! Just give me back my cake, you big tiger!

Is that really Fleur cake?

Yeah. Its name is Rafflesia Umbrella.
It's a monstrous and deadly new product that uses the world's biggest flower, Rafflesia, as its motif.

I hear that to get the rotten smell, they use real Rafflesia flower instead of a rose.

Guh, no wonder the texture felt like steak.

If prior updates had food porn, this must be the food goatse.

…Fleur's management has reached its limit. It's in its closing years if a sweet store starts to make new products.

What? That cake wasn't good? It looked really red and pretty.

Uhh… Ilya-chan, we have to do something about your aesthetic sense first.

Osu, all preparations are ready, master!

Yes. Then the state of your death this time is…

Oh, you died from falling. Even though you have this mysterious healing power, you'll die if you fall from the third floor.

Heehee. Incidentally, you would normally die from Rider's roundhouse kick going through your stomach.

Hmm… it really is Die Hard.

It's not strange for Shirou to be killed at any time, so if something like "use the Command Spell" appears as a choice, you should use it without hesitation.

So go back to the previous choice and redo the scene!
Summon Saber-chan quickly and beat that sexy battle Onee-chan!

I love Japanese pronunciations for English words. You could have an entire conversation in English, and the uninformed would still have no idea what the hell you were talking about. I have come close to experiencing this.