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Part 12: Yates's Cabin Part II

Update 12: Yate’s Cabin Part II

Welcome back! Last time we fought a bunch of monsters to get a component to cure Anandine. This time, we’ll be heading back to Yates’s house to craft that amulet.

When we arrive, Reiner continues doubting Yates.

Considering the speed at which Anadine is deteriorating, I think trusting him is our ONLY chance.
Of course. I know you’re right. I just… Wait. Something’s not right.

Reiner and Kyrie rush up to see Anadine on the ground outside, Yates lying in a pool of blood, and a new goggled person standing by them.

What’s going on here?
Ye look like a woman of the world. Don’t tell me ye’ve never seen a hostage situation before. I have hostages, and ye, ye have somethin’ I want.
I see. Perhaps if you tell us what it is you need, we can come to an agreement. But leave the girl out of it.
Ha! Such Concern fer the girlie is touchin’ ta be sure. I felt me heart stir in me chest then. But ye don’t seem too worried about the little doc?
I’m simply looking to establish minimally viable terms.
Hoho Ye’re a funny one all right. Here’s what I propose, and it’s not up fer negotiatin’: you take the girl, I get the Marked. The doc I gives ye fer free, because of me soft nature.
And what are you planning to do with our Captain?
Tut tut. That’s me business, and none of yers.
In that case, I regret to say we do have a problem. Because I feel it is very much my business.
Very well, I agree to the exchange.
(whispering) Kyrie, by her kit I can tell she’s a bounty hunter. There is only one thing she could want you for, and it means this won’t end well.
(whispering): I am aware of that. But I don’t see a better option.
Enough o’ that whisperin’! It’s simple enough, “Captain”: are ye in or are ye not?
As I said we-

Suddenly, Anadine is covered in that dark flame again.

Anadine, now at least partially turned into a demon, starts taking swipes at Katja, who dodges sideways.

One catastrophe at a time! We can worry about the cure one we’ve got this… thing under control.

And with that, we’re in a fight.

For this one, we only have 5 slots, including Kyrie who’s locked in. I’m going with Reiner, Eustace, Sophia (who I’m pretty sure I actually remembered to change her to a wizard this time), and Selina. I really would’ve loved to have used Mongo or Hannah for their bulk, but since they’re injured Selina’s heavy armor and healing will have to fill the gap.

For the fight itself, we need to keep Anadine alive while taking out all of the enemies. Anadine herself is an uncontrollable guest with decent, if unremarkable, stats who will basically just charge towards whoever is closest and spam basic attacks at them.

We also have Yates helping out as another guest. He’s a pretty decent help, especially because we don’t have to keep him alive. (I also like that he actually starts out injured, in reference to the cutscene).

Now for enemies, we have quite a situation to deal with. First up is Katja herself, who has a unique class and is wielding a gun. She’s pretty quickly going to hop up on top of the house and be very annoying.

There’s a mercenary and a peddler (an advanced class that loves to put down traps. Think the Seeq ranger from FFTA2, but not broken, and you won’t be too far off) hanging out on the mid roof

And a ranger and mender up top. The mender especially makes things difficult, because she has a large healing range and is very difficult to actually take out up on the roof.

And then we have another mercenary and a duelist (another advanced class, with a bunch of skills that let them attack from range or hit different elements with a power boost).

My plan right at the start is to have Selina try and tank these 2 with some support from Sophia, while the rest of the party deals with the enemies on the left.

When I actually start the battle:

Yes, I’ll be fine. But alas, this is what I was afraid of.

As Anadine turns around and takes a quick swipe at him.

Is it too late?
There is still a chance to help her. The amulet should be potent enough to restore her normal self. But there’s no way I can complete the spell in the midst of this chaos!
As a side note, I’m out of Cadavers. I will need fresh corpses to summon their assistance.
… Noted.

And yes, that side note is actually a gameplay reference. Yate’s unique class has an ability that I’ll show off later this fight that requires there to be at least 1 downed unit before he can use it.

Katja starts off the fight by swapping spaces with the merc on the roof.

And the peddler starts laying traps. On the map, hostile traps are invisible and if you walk over one it will end your turn and cause something bad to happen (50% damage, status effects etc.)

The last thing we need is a severed foot on top of everything else!

Driving the new traps thing home, Yates also lets us know that there are a few pre-placed traps on the map.

Thankfully, rangers have a skill that can reveal traps in a big area, so I have Reiner do that. It also significantly boosts his crit rate, so there’s another big reason to use it.

On the ground, things pretty quickly bunch up as the melee enemies close in.

However, after Anadine thankfully decides to attack the merc instead of Yates (for once)

Reiner’s able to get the first kill of the battle.

While Kyrie and Sophia work to take out the other merc, leaving just the duelist down low.

The whole time this has been going on, Katja and the other ranged attackers have been peppering all of our units. With Sophia, Yates, and Selina’s combined healing abilities, I’ve been able to keep the real danger to a minimum, though Anadine does get pretty low a few times after they focus on her.

Pretty soon, Kyrie is able to take out the duelist, just leaving the guys on the roof.

After that, Yates decides to use his most unique skill: Reanimate.

Like the name implies, it reanimates a dead body into a friendly zombie. There’s no range limit since corpses aren’t kept on the map, the used unit just has to be downed.

This is an amazing skill for 2 reasons: 1: it gives you an extra body to soak up attacks/do damage with which is always nice, and 2: it prevents the target from being revived during battle. Like I described for the ranger’s collect pelt, enemies love reviving downed units, so anything that can stem the tide is great. It’s also much easier to use than collect pelt, because the target just has to be already dead, rather than killed by the attack.

Now that I’m trying to go up, I have Reiner scout again, and reveal a lot of traps in the way. Definitely a bit annoying since the roof is already hard to get up to.

After a bit more running around, the peddler rushes into the group and Reiner takes him out.

While Anadine decides to start hating Eustace instead of Yates.

Eventually, I decide to just deliberately trigger the traps and heal through them.

And once I actually make it up there, the enemies start falling pretty quickly. Katja goes down to another wrathful blow

And another wrathful blow takes out the ranger,

And finally Kyrie shoves the mender off the roof to finish the fight.

No MVP this time. If I remember correctly, attacking friendly units or doing other things to drag out the fight can remove your chances of getting one, so I think Anadine might’ve caused that this time.

After the battle, Anadine is still a demon and pissed.

But don’t think our business’s concluded! Ye can be sure we’ll meet again!

She then throws down a smoke bomb and disappears.

Tsk. I hate loose ends.
Forget her. We have to help Anadine! Yates, we secured the Ancient Beast Bone. Now can you help her?
I said I would, didn’t I? This is the last component. Pass it to me.

Yates then takes the necklace and does some magic stuff to it.

It is done. You two distract her while I slip the amulet over her head.

Yates darts behind Anadine and puts the amulet on her.

Do not fret over your friend. She’s merely unconscious. But she will need plenty of rest to recover from this trauma.

Afterwards, we pop right out to camp.

Yates says she could wake up at any time now.
Don’t worry, she’s a tough kid. I’m sure she’ll bounce right back.
I really hope so.

Yates walks up from the south,

The girl has regained consciousness.

Anadine then walks out of the tent.

But I feel fine. Actually, I feel great!
Hmm. Interesting.
But I can’t remember anything after the fight against Lord Alfonse at the Temple. I was told that I went berserk.
… and that I even attacked you, Kyrie.
I’m so sorry!
Don’t worry about it. What’s important is that you’re all right. Are you sure you should be up so soon after… all that’s happened?
On the contrary, I feel wonderful! Overflowing with energy!
That is quite the peculiar case. Even as they are contained by the amulet, the dark energies are making her stronger. For now. Still, the amulet is the only thing maintaining her present form. The effect won’t last forever though.

Indeed. I need to study one of these Temple Relics. One that hasn’t been drained of its powers.
Are you suggesting what I think you’re suggesting?
As difficult as it is for me to believe, we might be thinking the same thing. Even a broken clock is correct twice a day. You’re halfway there now.

Yes, I will accompany you on your Pilgrimage. If you wish to fully restore Anadine to herself, it is the only logical course of action.
I must say this phenomenon is quite intriguing!
Easy, Reiner. I agree. That does sound like our best option. We welcome your help, Yates. Anadine, you must return to your tent and rest.
But really, I-
That is a direct order.
Yes, Captain!

The scene fades out, and a bunch of new areas pop up to our west, culminating in the next temple.

After overcoming her ordeal, Anadine now has access to a unique class, called the Demon Knight. Which is my absolute favorite class of the game, and I will probably go over it after next update.

Yates also joins us as a fully controllable party member. Like the tooltip says, he also has a unique class: Anatomist, which I will cover when I go over Anadine’s Demon Knight.

But for now, I think I'll end things here.