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Part 13: Azure Fields

Update 13: Azure Fields

Welcome back! Last time we fought off a bunch of bounty hunters who attempted to take Yates and Anadine hostage. We also cured Anadine of her corruption, and had her rejoin the party along with Yates. This time, we’ll be progressing towards the second temple in the Pilgrimage by heading through the Azure Fields.

We’re just immediately thrown into a fight this time.

I probably should’ve brought Yates to show him off, but instead we’re running with Anadine, Mongo, and Hannah for a frontline, with Bobby, Azure, and Selina making up the rear. The lack of Sophia’s strong AOE healing is tough, but hopefully Selina will be able to make up for it with her new healing burst.

Notably, this fight has an enemy Bandit Kawa in it. These guys give you a rare component if you kill them, but they escape from battle after a few turns. They’re also pretty fast, difficult to actually pin down, and are usually traps. Just like this one is.

While you can see them if you move over their square, the tall grass otherwise hides quite a few enemies that can swarm you if you try to rush the Kawa. This side has a Pekite (Similar to the Jelly/Flan family of monsters from Final Fantasy. They do strong elemental magic and have high physical defense, but a very large weakness to the opposite element), and a few Vangals. There’s also a chest or 2 hiding in the weeds.

The other side hides a Komainu, another Pekite, and another one of those obelisks. There’s also a Zohlmander (upgraded version of the Therva) sitting in the open behind the Kawa.

Rather than rush towards the Kawa, I start by sending my units to the east to try protect one of my flanks. Selina does the first bit of damage by attempting to poison the Pekite.

Meanwhile Mongo goes and taunts the Zohlmander. This drives him berzerk, which ends up being way more useful than I thought it would be.

Down south, Hannah buffs her and Anadine’s attack. They already hit hard, so this really pushes up their damage potential.

While the Zohlmander actually does some pretty good damage to the Komainu.

And the Pekite does a big chunk of damage and heals itself. That entire group is looking a bit low right now.

Thankfully, Selina’s healing burst can get just barely hit everyone without getting an enemy too.

And then Bobby is able to take out the Pekite and weaken a Vangal and Komainu.

Hannah then takes out the Vangal, swinging the odds pretty solidly in our favor.

Berserk actually lasts for a few turns, so the Zohlmander continues biting his friends.

And then gets shot for his troubles. (This doesn’t even break the berserk either.)

To demonstrate how hard she’s hitting now, Anadine can nearly straight up 1 shot the Komainu with a basic Demon Knight skill and a buff.

Sadly, the Zohlmander finally wisens up and hits Bobby with a fully charged beam attack. He’d already been weakened a bit, so Bobby goes down again.

Mongo also taunts the other Pekite, making it so it can’t use it’s magic.

Hannah then takes out another Vangal,

And the Kawa who’d run off into the grass escapes from the fight.

Now things are mostly wrapping up. Anadine takes out this Vangal

While Azure takes out the Zohlmander

And Selina chucks a rock at the Pekite to take it out.

I stall for a bit with the last Vangal while I grab the chests and the Obelisk.

And then Hannah puts the last Vangal out of its misery.

Hannah deservedly gets MVP, and Bobby reminds me that I really need to protect him better.

After the fight, an event pops up on the map, so we’ll check that out.

We pop into camp, where Anadine and Yates are having a lively conversation.

Hahaha! I never thought a dry subject like Anatomy could be funny!

Reiner sees them and approaches the two.

“This” is a friendly conversation. You must have engaged in one or two of them yourself at some point.

In any case, the young miss and I were discussing-
… Uh, yes?
Keep your distance from this one.

But why? You can’t think Yates would do me some ill in the middle of our camp, surrounded by friends?

(If it’s not clear, Reiner has been looking at Anadine for the whole conversation, but switches to starting Yates down with this line).

And all Yates can do in response is adjust his glasses.

As I was about to say… He won’t be around much longer, but while he is, it’s better that you don’t get too close to him. If you spend too much time in his presence you’ll find the stink won’t wash away.
Reiner! Why do you have to be so rude to Doctor Yates?
Doctor? He’s got you calling him Doctor now?!
He is a doctor, isn’t he? The lives he’s saved-
I don’t care if he saves a hundred lives- or a thousand! It will never balance out what he-

What I-

And Reiner just bows his head

And walks away.

What happened between you to cause such hatred?
I confess that I earned Reiner’s enmity. I did something vile. Unethical. Unspeakable. Something any ordinary man would regret all his days.
But whatever it was, surely you must have redeemed yourself by now.

You spend your days healing people and curing diseases.

You saved my life!
I did do that. Yes I did.

Given the same circumstances over which Reiner and I… quarreled, I would have taken the same actions, every time and without question. Human sentiment, attachments, are nothing to me. In all my decisions, the advancement of science is my first -my only- consideration.
That is the only explanation I can give.

And then Yates walks off, leaving Anadine to wonder what exactly happened.

And that’s where we’ll leave things. Next time, we’ll go across the Banyan Span. But first, there’ll be a Job Overview covering Anadine and Yates’s unique classes.