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Fell Seal: Arbiter's Mark

by OOrochi

Part 27: Occul Cavern

Update 27: Occul Cavern

Welcome back! Last time we fought a ghost and Reiner got some closure and unlocked his unique job. This time we’re going to go fight a bunch of monsters in a cave.

Nothing fancy, just a simple defeat all enemies fight.

We get 7 units this time, so I’m bringing Kyrie, Anadine, Azure, Hannah, Sophia, Yates, and Selina. Mostly just a solid mix of damage and healing.

We’re up against a bunch of Tangrels, an upgraded one called a troggle, 2 Bzzerks, a Pekite, and a Bazelbinder.

Kyrie looks around for a second

We’ll have to clear this area before we can proceed, though.

Azure opens up the fight by rooting the Belzelbinder.

Anadine buffs up.

As enemies filter forward, I take some potshots at the Belzebinder and other nearby ones.

I don’t think I’ve shown it before, but here’s Sophia using one of the basic vessel skills. Just a single square of holy damage, but it looks cool and has a solid modifier.

The Pekite also hits my group pretty hard.

More people close in, and Anadine gets to take her 2nd turn to kill the Belzebinder.

And because of cleave she continues to do silly damage to another enemy as well.

The Tangrels all have another shoving ability, so Hannah and Selina have both been hurting. Selina takes a turn to heal them back up a bit.

Meanwhile the enemies have a plan to surround Anadine.

And one more Tangrel burrows back to push Azure off of a drop.

Sophia heals Anadine back up.

While Azure uses a magic bullet to take out one of the Tangrels.

I send Anadine to take out the Pekite who’s been bullying Hannah, but she whiffs instead.

So Kyrie kills the nearby Tangrel.

And after Yates hits it with an earth attack, Hannah chucks a rock at the Pekite to finish it off.

She then retreats upwards to keep her safe from the Tangrels.

Sophia can just barely reach her with a heal, which is nice because she and Azure get shoved together by the nearby Tangrel.

Soon afterwards, Hannah retaliates to the hit, nearly killing the offending monster.

Azure takes advantage of a defense debuff inflicted by Anadine to snipe one of the Bzzerks.

And Anadine herself falls just short of finishing off the other one.

After another big heal from Sophia, Kyrie finishes off one Tangrel.

Yates takes out the weakened Bzzerk.

I missed exactly when and how, but at some point Selina fell. I just have Sophia revive her because I can.

And Kyrie puts the Troggle to sleep. Both remaining enemies are now asleep, so I can just finish them off at my leisure.

Which I do with Azure to get the extra rewards from Collect Pelt.

Don’t get too many rewards, but it was a pretty simple fight so that’s fine.

And that’s that. Next time we’ll be going under the river bed to plant some explosives!