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Part 49: Immortal Council Chambers I

Update 49: Immortal Council Chambers

Welcome back! Last time we fought our way through two of the Immortals: Septimus and Secunda. This time, we’ll finally be confronting Primus himself to put a stop to his power grab.

We come in to see Qunitus guarding the last Relic from Primus, Grim Eye, and Raife.

Treachery, Quintus? Hardly. Our system of governance is flawed, the Council itself corrupted, and worms like Septimus can be become Immortals. What is needed is a single, righteous hand to guide the world, to mold and control it. I will achieve what the Council has failed to do, what we’ve always wanted: order.
Have you gone mad, Primus? The Council was formed to avoid just this sort of situation. The concentration of so much power in the control of a single Immortal is far too dangerous! You yourself argued that very point, most vehemently, after we bound The Maw to its prison so long ago.
A regrettable mistake. I should have seized control back then, rather than share it with a group of indecisive fools.
Do you hear what you’re saying, old friend? You know the signs as well as I do. The dark energy we’ve endured for so long is corrupting you from within, breaking down your reason. Is this not why you chose to step down, to be finally rid of this curse? I too am weary of it, old friend. I would not be far behind you…
For a great sage, you were always a bit slow, Quintus. I stepped down in order to bring about the Pilgrimage, through which my agents could gain access to the Temple Relics. Their vast power I have absorbed already. Only this last remains.
And so you will have amassed every ounce of The Maw’s power. Are you truly so blind to its corruption? In one way or another, it will destroy you.
No! I control the darkness. I overcame its corrupting influence long ago! I am my own master- It holds no sway- This is all for… The greater good.
Master Primus, we haven’t time for this bickering! The other still hope to stop your great plan. You must drain the final relic so that we may bring forth the utopia you have worked so hard to achieve!
I… Yes, naturally. Quite right.
You will still have a role in my new world, Quintus. You will be my main advisor. Your counsel will be valued. But right now, you must step aside.
No. I am sorry, Primus, but I cannot allow you to do this.
Then, you have called this upon yourself!

And Primus hits Quntus with some dark magic.

You would strike down your oldest friend? I care not for myself, but it pains me to see the greatest of our number fall prey to the corruption.
Be silent!

And yet more undesired company. Delay our little problem until I finish here, and then I’ll take care of it. I will take care of everything.

Down below, Tertia and Quintus teleport back in.

My thanks … Tetia… for your most timely intervention. I fear Primus is… lost to us. He has absorbed… a great deal of The Maw’s energy. Too much! It has corrupted his mind.
I understand. Rest. We must deal with him now.

We cannot lose Quintus. Stay here and take care of him. We will stop Primus and his minions.

And it’s time for a fight. Apparently Grim Eye and Raife got some demon summoning in while they were off screen.
Since they’re already in one screenshot, here is the overview of the enemy forces: 2 Sincubi, a Harrower, a Pestilord, an Overscourge, an Aeoth, and of course Raife. Other than leveling up, Raife is largely the same as he was in our previous fight, not that that means he’s not a threat.

For this fight, I’m bringing Hannah, Reiner, Bobby, Anadine, and Selina. Hannah, Reiner, and Anadine are all mobile enough that they don’t mind the verticality too much. Bobby doesn’t really care about the map at all. And Selina and Kyrie are a bit slower, but can hold their own once they arrive.

There’s a bit of buffing to start, but soon Hannah takes first blood by hitting the Aeoth with a flourish.

On Kyrie’s turn she tries to talk with Primus one last time.

He can’t hear you from the other side of the barrier. Nothing will interrupt him until he is finished, when he has absorbed the last of The Maw’s power.

There’s a good bit of buffing and dancing around until Bobby gets a turn and starts blasting.

Hannah gets put to sleep. It’s not the end of the world though, since only Domincubi have Soul Binder so I don’t have to worry about mind control.

The Overscourge uses Plaguestorm, which doesn’t do too much other than wake Hannah back up. On his turn, Reiner sends it right back at him with a Mirror Tricked Plaguestorm of his own.

On Kyrie’s 2nd turn we get a bit more dialogue.

You are a Marked, as I am. You know the effects of the dark energy we carry. With all Primus has absorbed, can’t you see it will drive him mad?
It is slightly more complicated than that. As you shall soon see!

Kyrie then kills one of the weakened Sincubi. Or she would, but she misses the swing part of the Infused Edge and the Sincubus survives.

And Anadine uses her turn to counteract her attack debuff.

Thankfully, Selina does not miss and is able to clean up the very weakened Sincubus.

While the other one uses its turn to heal the Aeoth back up. I’m honestly not sure why it chose to do so, because the Aeoth had only lost like 200 HP.

But because Hannah’s debuffed to hell and back, I have her make sure it can’t get healed anymore.

While Raife, who’s been rooted in place since the Plaguestorm, chooses to heal himself in a very inefficient way.

Kyrie kills the other Sincubus while Bobby keeps blasting things.

And now that Anadine finally gets a turn while she’s buffed, she goes and kills the Overscourge and the Harrower.

Back down low, Reiner heals Bobby so he can keep casting.

And Anadine and Kyrie cooperate to kill the Aeoth. Anadine then pops over to Raife and takes about 2/3 of his health out as well.

In the opposite corner, the Pestilord revives the Overscourge.

But without enough health to survive another Holystorm from Bobby.

Back with Raife, kills Hannah and triggers her rereaise with a cast of Water II.

And the Pestilord revives one of the Sincubi.

With some help from Hannah, Anadine kills Raife.

Reiner kills the Pestilord.

And then Bobby ends the fight with one final Holystorm.

Overall, not too bad of a fight. Things can go wrong if multiple Plaguestorms debuff you badly, but other than Raife none of the enemies were super threatening as long as you keep your statuses in check.

After the fight, it’s shown that we’ve fought our way up to the top of the complex.

You must preserve your strength for what’s to come. I will hold them off.

But then there are a series of purple flashes.

You know what to do.

Primus teleports in between us and Grim Eye and Raife.

Grim Eye starts chanting and Raife advances.

And strikes Primus from behind!

No, he’s still too strong.

But what an odd time to betray me, right after I have become invincible.

Now you want to take him down? What are you playing at, Raife?
He has absorbed all of The Maw’s dark energy! Don’t you see? Once we have finished him, the Immortals will be no more!
Something is definitely off here… But I don’t see that we have any other option. Primus must be stopped.
I don’t like it, but you’re right. We’ll need all the help we can get to deal with him.
Fine. Let’s take him down together. But don’t think you will escape justice afterwards.

Primus opens three teleporting circle and…

That’s where we’ll be leaving things this time! We’ll see the second part of this next time!