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Fell Seal: Arbiter's Mark

by OOrochi

Part 71: Marked

Job Overview: Marked

Requirements: None

Unlocks: None

Equipment: Maul, Sword, Spear, Rod, Robe, Light Armor, Heavy Armor, Shield

Mastery Bonus: HP+10, Atk+10, Mnd+10, Dark/Light res +5

The marked class is unique to Kyrie, befitting her status as one of the Immortal’s Marked, and it is really strong. It has solidly average or above average growths in pretty much everything, with a slight focus on physical attack over magical attack. It also has a good gear selection that lets you build it in whatever way you wish. Want to be a physical attacker with some accessible ranged options? You can do that. Want to be a caster that actually has survivability and can wade into the fight? You can do that. Add in a solid movement stats and the ability to swim, and the marked class is a super versatile chassis that can be used for a lot of combos.

However, above average things don’t make a class crazy. What does make this class so strong are its abilities. Since this is just a single job overview, I’ll go over each set.

A thing to note is that the holy attacks for whatever reason have a 5% smaller modifier than the corresponding dark ones. A lot of enemies have weaknesses to one or the other element, so they’re still often dealing more damage than their base modifiers suggest. The holy ones also hit resistance, while the dark skills target the defense stat, (which I didn’t even know until writing this up!), letting Kyrie effectively take advantage of whatever weakness her target has.

Dark/Holy Bolt: Single target ranged attacks that scale off of both attack and mind. They’re pretty cheap MP wise, deal solid damage, and provide some much needed range to a physical attacker.

Wrathful/Holy Beam: Deal the same damage as the bolts, but in a line 4 tiles long stretching from an adjacent square. Again, very solid damage that can really take advantage of enemies grouping up.

Wrathful/Holy Burst: Deal strong damage in a large area (5 tiles!) centered around Kyrie. The wrathful one hurts Kyrie for ¼ of her current HP, while the holy one is the only story-locked ability on the class. These are super strong, and can be used to either soften up entire groups or knock out multiple people at once. The main downsides are their MP costs (16/14, so you can’t always spam them), and that they do have friendly fire. But definitely powerful abilities overall.

Drain Health/Drain Soul: The only pure magic attacks of the class, drain health does exactly what it says on the tin and drains an enemy’s health to heal Kyrie, while drain soul is essentially an osmose spell from Final Fantasy. I actually find myself using drain soul quite often once late game comes around, since it’s a good way to keep enemies from using their really nasty high-mp skills.

Wrathful Blow: The only pure physical attack of the class. It does a boatload of dark damage (1.6x!) to an adjacent target, but also damages Kyrie for ¼ of her current HP. This is really my favorite ability of the class. It only costs 4 mp so it is spammable, is easy to access on the tree, and is incredibly strong. Especially when combined with the passives of this class.

Execute: Damage from offensive abilities is increased by 0.45x when target is below half HP. This is another key skill that lets Kyrie start slaughtering people. Considering most abilities range from 0.9x to 1.1x, adding another 0.45x is a massive boost. Only downside is the half health condition, but its not too hard to activate.

Avenger: Character gains 0.2x bonus damage and 0.125x damage reduction for each fallen ally (up to 3 stacks). The other passive, this allows Kyrie to really turn things around if a battle starts going south. At its strongest, she ends up adding 0.6x more onto every single attack, and reducing damage by 0.375x. With this class’s already strong skills, Kyrie can go from doing solid damage and being decently tanky to easily 1 shotting enemies and taking little damage in return.

Slow: Finally, the counter ability is slow, which inflicts the slow status on anyone that targets Kyrie. As has been demonstrated in other LPs, anything that lets you take more turns and your enemies take fewer is strong. This lets you do that for no extra cost, on a tanky unit that should be drawing a lot of fire anyway.

Overall, the marked class is one of my favorites in the game for its versatility and power. It’s a pretty rare situation where I either don’t have Kyrie in it or have it as her secondary skillset.