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Part 1: The Other Dark Knight

The game starts off sometime after the introduction. The Red Wings are returning from whatever mission they were sent to carry out.

...Very well.

Cecil's Sigh Count: 1

After what we did, who wouldn't be? It's one thing to follow orders, but killing civilians...

Cecil has a flashback to the mission that just happened.

Enough! The raid on Mysidia was imperative. His Majesty and his council concluded that the Mysidians and their knowledge of the Crystals posed a threat to our kingdom. For Baron's sake, we need the Crystals. And as soldiers of Baron, we will do this by whatever means necessary.

Cecil's Sigh Count: 2

Prepare for battle!

Cecil uses a few magical grenades to dispatch the few monsters that get on board. The crew of the Red Wings take care of the rest.

Is it some kind of omen...?

Very well. Prepare for landing.

Some time later...

The Mysidians were no match for us. They were completely helpless.

Is that pity? Hmmph. Let's not keep His Majesty waiting.

Cecil and Baigan take a brief walk to the throne room.

He then proceeds to snitch on us like the bastard he is.

Your Majesty, Cecil cannot be trusted. He clearly questions your authority.

I suspected as much. It's of no importance as long as I obtain the Crystals. Send him in.

Cecil gives Baigan the Water Crystal, who delivers it to the King.

Cecil begins to walk off, but...

Cecil's Sigh Count: 3

...he decides to confront the King instead.


What is it?

Forgive me Your Majesty, but what do you intend to do with the Crystals? My men are unhappy and confused about what has happened.

Do you question my command as well?

No, I-

Silence! As of now, you are no longer Captain of the Red Wings!

Your Majesty!

You will perform this other duty for me instead. Slay the phantom beast in Mist Valley, and deliver this Ring to the village of Mist. You leave tomorrow.

Suddenly, out of nowhere...

Cecil has done nothing wrong.

If you are so concerned about him, you can accompany him on his mission. Take the ring and begone!

The guards then kick Cecil and Kain out of the throne room.

Once we've completed the mission, the king is bound to forgive us. Get some rest, we'll leave tomorrow morning.

You don't have to apologize. My actions are my own.

I mastered the Dark Sword under His Majesty's orders. But it was to protect Baron, not... this!

The King must have his reasons...

I envy you Kain, and the path you chose.

I suppose I could have risen higher in the ranks if I had become a Dark Knight like you. But I barely knew my father before he died. I figured if I became a Dragoon like him I could keep him alive in some way... anyways, the only thing you need to worry about now is killing monsters.

Heh, I'll kill twice as many as you!

That's more like it. Get some rest.

On our way to sleep, a mysterious woman shows up.

We're fine. I wish I could say the same for the Mysidians we slaughtered...

Cecil! I'll visit you tonight, okay?

Very well...

Another person ambushes Cecil on his quest for sleep.

Don't ever worry her like that again, you hear?

Okay, which one of you wrote this?

Hey, what's the matter, kiddo?


What!? The king demoted you? Who will command the Red Wings? What's going on with the king? He ordered me to build an airship he can use to slaughter people! Everyone's worried about Him... Anyways, be careful! Finish that mission and get back safe... Whoa, I have to get home! My daughter's going to kill me!

At last, nothing is between Cecil and sleep. The only problem is, sleep is the furthest thing from his mind...

He raised Kain and I like his own sons. What happened to the chivalrous knight I've admired my whole life? I will not betray him. I can't.

What's going on? You just got back from Mysidia, and now you have to journey to Mist Valley? Why are you acting so strangely?

Everything's fine.

Cecil, look at me.

It was horrible, Rosa. We slaughtered innocent people to steal the Crystal in Mysidia. I suppose this is my fate as a Dark Knight. Soon I won't even feel remorse.

Cecil's Sigh Count: 4

I can't defy the king... I'm a hopeless coward.

You leave for Mist early tomorrow, right?

Yes, but I'll be fine. Kain is coming with me. I'll be fine. Trust me.

Please come back in one piece.

Rosa then takes her leave.

Though as a Dark Knight, we can never be together...

Cecil's Sigh Count: 5

In the morning, Cecil and Kain stride out of the castle side by side. Neither one of them knows just how much their lives are about to change...