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Part 2: Misthap

This is Baron Castle. The town of Baron is quite unremarkable right now.

The translator is well versed in internet memes.

We could buy some Potions but they're really not needed. Cecil and Kain head to the northwest to reach the Mist Cave.

The enemies here can't do more than scratch Cecil and Kain. This is Cecil's special Dark (aka Darkness) technique. It hits all enemies, but he takes 1/8 of his max HP in damage each time he uses it.

The Mist Cave has absolutely no redeeming features. There's a couple of Potions and a Tent (making its triumphant return after their departure in Final Fantasy III).

One thing to note is that Cecil hauls ass- FF4 Advance has him auto-running and that alone makes this version better than the other entries.

What? Who's there!?

There's no response until we walk deeper into the the cave...

Is that the Beast of Mist Valley?

Who are you!?


Show yourself!


we have to get to Mist! We're not turning back.


The mist is gathering!

Our first boss fight is against...

...the Mist Dragon. Like all the first Final Fantasy bosses from this era, it has a simple gimmick. Beat it to a pulp...

...and stop hitting it when it does something funny because it will counterattack the group for a lot of damage.

Kain is a Dragoon. His Jump attack removes him from battle for a brief period, but when he lands he deals significantly more damage. With their combined power the two warriors make short work of the dragon.

Just outside the cave is Mist. Let's drop off that ring and-


This is why the King sent us here?!

We've destroyed the whole village...

Why would he make us do this?

Cecil and Kain hear a child's scream and immediately run to the source.


I've heard of people called Summoners who can call monsters to their aid... the life of the summoner and the monster they summon are linked...

Then we're responsible for her death by killing that dragon...

We... we didn't know...

Cecil's Sigh Count: 6

So the king wanted us to kill every Summoner in this village... that means we have to get rid of the girl as well.


We have to obey the King's orders.

She's just a child! I refuse to slaughter anyone else in the King's name!

You are?

I owe the King so much, but I won't dishonor the Dragoons any further.

So you'll help me?

Yes. But we'll need help from others if we are going to challenge Baron. We have to do this... for Rosa...

Thank you.

Save it. This isn't for your sake.
I think he has a crush on Rosa~

This place is dangerous. We have to get out of here, but what about the girl?

She'll have to come with us...

The following dialogue is exactly how you don't talk to a seven year old.

Cecil and Kain didn't really think that through too well. Hey little girl! I know we just killed your mother but you need to come with these two scary grown ups now...?