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Part 9: Rock Bottom

There's a switch back here in the throne room you could not get to earlier because of all the cutscenes. The Demon Shield is a nice upgrade for Cecil.

The King isn't in the throne room, so let's see if he's taking a nap (or got horribly maimed by all the monsters, one or the other).

Do not worry about me. Retire to the Inn and try to recover. We will discuss your next course of action tomorrow.

We should also make sure Yang's missus is alright.

I am fine, thanks to their help.

You guys are like my husband's guardian angels!

And you? Are you alright?

Yeah. Them Baron fellows ain't never comin' back! I gave 'em a helluva thumpin' with my non-stick frying pan!

I just want to say I love Yang's wife. Murder by frying pan was never this adorable. It's too bad she doesn't have a name...

Yang stays with Cecil, Rydia, and Edward tonight to figure out what to do next.

We will need an airship to fight Golbez. But Baron is the only kingdom that has them.

Then we must sneak into Baron and "borrow" one for ourselves.

Baron's main force is the Red Wings, so its sea power is relatively weak. We might be able to slip in by boat.

I will ask the King for a ship tomorrow morning.

Thank you, Yang.

Who was that Dragoon?

His name is Kain. He used to be my best friend. But I don't know what happened to him...

We will find answers in Baron.

The group gets what rest they can, and visits the King in the morning.

Cecil, take this sword. It belonged to a Dark Knight who came to Fabul many years ago. The sword has tremendous power, but it is still a weapon of Darkness. It will never prevail against true evil. I have faith you will defeat Golbez. But that may be a mere wish...

Go to the harbor east of here as soon as you are prepared. A ship shall await you there.

The King takes a moment to look everyone in the eyes.

Golbez must be stopped. If he acquires all the Crystals, the world will be unprecedented danger. I am counting on all of you to stop him.

The ship is just to the east of Fabul.

Keep your chin up, Cecil. You'll get her back in no time!

I trust you'll look after everything in my stead.

You bet. I love you, you big lunkhead!

I feel like some of the earlier Final Fantasy games(4 and 6 in particular) seem to do a lot better job at showing actual emotions, and have characters able to use words like "love" and mean it. Or maybe the limited nature of expression makes it easier to fill in the negative space.

Sit back, mate, and enjoy the ride. Anchors aweigh!

Enjoy is not the word I'd use to describe this ride.

I'm alone...

For those keeping track:

Kain: Presumed dead, now EVIL.
Rydia: Drowned.
Tellah: Took off in a fit of revenge-fueled rage.
Edward: Drowned.
Rosa: Kidnapped by Golbez.
Yang: Tried to rescue Rydia, drowned.

Not the best track record.