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Part 8: The Fight for Fabul

Fabul is far to the east and south of Mount Hobs.

Yang is a Monk. His Power Command lets him double up the power of his next attack, at the cost of speed. Gird is similar, but boosts defense instead of attack power. Kick lets him hit every enemy on the screen like Cecil's Dark attack (without the loss of HP) but it takes a LONG time for him to get it off.

Yang is also one of the few characters in the game who can use weapons in both hands. His claw attacks can really dish out damage to enemies.

Fabul Castle is a pretty massive place, considering it's a castle.

The weapon shop has a variety of claws for Yang as well as some better armor for Cecil.

Ahh, yes. This is my wife. Cecil and his companions came to my aid on Mount Hobs.

Well, that was mighty kind of you. Hon, isn't the King waiting for you?

Well, it would be improper to keep him waiting, I suppose.

Yang, at last.

Sire, we must prepare for battle. Baron will attack us at any minute to steal our Crystal.

How do you know this?

These two are citizens of Baron. They came to warn us.

And these others?

Yang, can we trust this Dark Knight and his companions?
It's nice to see somebody wonder if this DARK KNIGHT can be trusted, sheesh.

Yes. They risked their lives to help me.

We must hurry!


Prince Edward!

Sire, Baron's fleet decimated Damcyan and took our Crystal not long ago. Many died, including my parents and my beloved. Damcyan's tragedy must not be repeated!

Forgive my suspicions. Yang, prepare our troops for battle.

Not much of a choice here, but notice he's only talking to Cecil and Edward.

They have already offered to help, sire. We will join the forward guards by the main gate.

Very well. Will the ladies assist our medic?

Yes, sire.

Fabul's fate rests in your hands. May we be victorious.

We will assemble at the main gate.


Rydia, take care of Rosa for me.


Cecil, Yang, and Edward prepare for the impending assault. They get more than even they bargained for.

I like how the developers realized that Edward was looking competent and took steps to correct this.

In the Crystal Room, the trio prepare to make their last stand. But then a familiar face shows up...

I have to give Edward some credit. He at least has enough willpower to not be EVIL.

Speaking of EVIL...

Golbez could have wiped them all off the map. Why didn't he?

Next time, Cecil and his allies try to salvage the situation. Things couldn't get much worse...