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Part 16: Sidestep

Kain will guide you to Golbez and Rosa when you board the airship, but we don't want to do that yet. We need to make a few stops first to make the next part a bit less painful, as the current party is pretty awkward. How are we going to get around without the airship?

Our friend the Black Chocobo, of course!

It's easy to miss Mythril, as it is completely optional and located in a strange place (halfway between Mysidia and Fabul).

The place is full of little people. And pig people. And frog people.

There's some nice gear for Cid and Cecil here. It makes a huge difference for the next area.

This place is southwest of Baron, and is also completely optional.

There's nobody here, and there are no random encounters as well.

There are tons of hidden chests though, although there's only three real worthwhile ones.

Unfortunately, they all have nasty surprise encounters in them.

The best way to deal with these bastards is with Hourglasses or Silver Hourglasses (both use Stop on all enemies). The three chests have a Blood Spear, a Silver Apple, and a Sleep Sword.

We have to back to Troia now to resume the plot.

Kain's airship pulls up alongside the Enterprise again.

Here. Where's Rosa?

In the Tower of Zot. Follow me.

Kain leads them to the Tower entrance.

Come out!

Now now. First, Master Golbez would like a word.


Well done, Cecil. You have exceeded my expectations.

Wretch! Show yourself!

Rosa stands beside me at the top of the tower. Bring the Crystal here, and we will make the trade.

She had better be safe!

You had best hurry. Or else something... unfortunate might happen to her.

Next time, the ascent begins.