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Part 17: The Tower of Zot

The Tower of Zot is a pain. It has lots of winding corridors, dead ends, and dangerous encounters.

The Flame Mail reduces Ice damage but makes Cecil more vulnerable to Fire attacks. Putting this here is kind of a dick move...

...because the next floor has a surprise encounter with this jerk. Cecil can easily be one-shot here at lower levels. The Hound is guarding a Flame Sword, which works really well on a number of enemies in the area.

Puppeteers summon more Puppets, so you should kill them first. Puppets are lit up easily by Cecil's Flame Sword and Yang's Fire Fang.

They also drop the amazing Rune Staff. It boosts SPR by 10 and has a ridiculous amount of attack power. It can also be used to cast Silence and deals extra damage to Mages. This staff will easily last to and almost through the endgame.

The fourth floor has four(!) exits to the fifth floor. Three only lead to treasure, though.

The Hell Claw sometimes Poisons enemies. The Gaia Hammer deals extra damage to robots and can be used to cast Quake. The Sage's Surplice is a nice piece of cloth for the softer characters.

I get another Rune Staff as well. Ridiculous.

A strange aura impedes Cecil's progress on the fifth floor.




We're afraid your journey is over.

We will take your Crystal.

Say goodbye to your Rosa.

Delta Attack!

The Magus Sisters are... interesting.

Sandy casts Reflect on Cindy and Mindy uses Level 2 Elemental Magic on Cindy to Reflect it back to Cecil and his friends. Sandy will revive the others, so she has to die first. Killing her will result in Mindy casting spells on Cindy without Reflect up, helping you finish them off.

Our Delta Attack failed!? Nooo!

Nothing blocks Cecil's way to the top now. Next time, the exchange.