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Part 25: Bad Breath and Good News

This cave is just west of the Tower of Babel, in the northwest corner of the map.

The Sylvan Cave is pretty much genetically engineered to piss you off. This is about the point in the game where the honeymoon ends. There's tons of hidden passages and nasty enemies here. The green splotches in the cave are just as painful as the red ones in the Cave of Summons, so Rosa should cast Float on every floor.

Killing these guys would be fairly easy if they didn't Toad your party every five seconds. They aren't even that intimidating, they just keep casting Toad on you over and over and OVER.

Marlboros. They are at their absolute worst in this game- Bad Breath hits a party member with a ton of status effects, including Confuse. Confuse is especially nasty in this game because confused characters LOVE to spam magic, using up all of your precious MP in the process (and if Rydia isn't Muted you get fun effects like Blizzara on Edge for 1400 damage).

They even put a Save Point in here so you can ragequit without too much damage.


The MageMasher you get out of this chest is a nice Dagger for Edge. It does an insane amount of damage to Mage enemies, and can silence them as well.

There's a hidden passage just to the right here. It leads to an optional area of suffering and pain.

All six of these chests are booby-trapped. There's a Red Fang, a White Fang, and a Blue Fang (these are one-shot items like the ones Cecil used in the prologue). The Full Moon Boomerang is a nice weapon for Edge to hide in the back row with, Medusa Arrows, and...

...this. Just use a Silver Hourglass here, or you're going to die.

The Avenger is a lot like the Poison Axe. It's strong, but two-handed. The Defender is better anyways for the time being.

At the bottom of the cave there's a cabin. How'd that get here?

The place is full of Sylphs. They're not big fans of humans.

Another one lived!? Our former teammates are like cockroaches...


We found him lying near the mouth of the cave. We've been taking care of him for a while now, but he has yet to awaken...

There's nothing more that can be done for Yang at the moment. The knowledge that he is alive is enough for now...

If you unequipped Yang's claws before his suicide attempt, Edge can dual-wield Cat Claws now. Putting enemies to sleep is never bad.

Next time, the Sealed Cave.