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Part 26: Fool Me Twice

The Sealed Cave is just barely to the north and west of the Dwarven Village, near the southwest corner of the map.

Luca's Necklace unseals the Sealed Door in the Sealed Cave. Sealed.

The Sealed Cave isn't exactly in one piece. Cecil has to shimmy across conveniently placed ropes to get around.

What is the gimmick to this area?

These bastards.

Trap Doors are predictable but dangerous. It will cast Search on someone and follow up with Ninth Dimension, instantly killing them.

Fortunately, Ninth Dimension is Reflectable. This makes these doors experience geysers versus an actual threat. They can spit out nasty enemies if you kill them normally, so killing them this way is a bonus in multiple regards.

Yay more bats

Most of the rooms behind the Trap Doors are this oddly familiar dead-end shape, for those of you who have played the real Final Fantasy II.

Some of them have nice loot behind them though. The Light Sword is slightly weaker than the Defender but has the always useful Holy Element.

There's like eight of these in a row. The XP flows like boxed wine.

After about the twentieth Trap Door, we reach the final one.

It is impossible to Teleport or Warp out of the Sealed Cavern, so Cecil must hike all the way back out. Joy.

They're moving!

Removing the Crystal must have triggered it!

So much for a smooth exit.

Giott forgot to mention the other features of the security system. Jerk.

The Demon Wall is a battle against time. It moves across the screen as it attacks, and if it reaches the party it starts hitting them with Crush, an instant-kill technique. This is a hard fight, but not if you've already done the Slyph and Summon Caves. Leviathan, Shurikens, and physical attacks take it down in a hurry.


Nothing to it!

Now Cecil's group hurries out of the cave and back to the Dwarven Castle. But...

...that foreboding aura makes its presence felt once again.


Everyone turns to aid Kain. He's not going to fall for the same brainwashing he did earlier, right?

Get ahold of yourself!

I'm...alright. I'm no longer under his control!


Or not.


Now I can restore the Tower of Babel. At last, I shall reach the moon!

Kain! Wake up!


Please! Kain!





Talk about spineless. Kain's been mind-controlled twice? He may have Edward beat physically but he sure doesn't have him beat mentally...

Anyways, Cecil goes to tell King Giott the GOOD NEWS!


You did not succeed in retrieving it? So now they hold all the Crystals. There's nothing we can do now... only the Lunar Whale could save us, but that is a mere legend...

The Lunar Whale?

A huge ship spoken of in legend. "One born of a dragon..."

The Mysidian legend!

You know of Mysidia!?

It's the home of the Mages in the Overworld.

Mysidia truly exists!?

I've met the Elder of Mysidia, who prays tirelessly in a tower for salvation.

He prays?


Perhaps he prays for the Lunar Whale! You must hurry to Mysidia!

But the exit is sealed.

We can't get near the Tower of Babel, either.

Could it be?

I'll attach a drill to the Falcon's bow.

Shouldn't you be in bed?

Naw, no worries.

Can you really do it?

Easier'n falling off a bike! Okay! Let's get to work!

Cid, Edge, and the Dwarves start the refit.

Edge is more interested in THE LADIES than the actual job, though. Not pictured here: Cid kicking Edge's ass.

The bow is go!

Cid, not so much.

You've overworked yourself yet again.

I guess I need to step out of the action for a while. Other than messing with airships, I'm not much use anymore.

Get well, okay?

Edge, Rydia, look after Cid and Rosa.

Don't worry. Just get some rest.

Take care of yourselves, you hear?

You too.

Alright. Get outta here.

Thanks for everything.

I'm sorry but that just looks ridiculous.

Cid performs another fine miracle of engineering, letting Cecil get back up to the Overworld. Cecil and his allies rush to Mysidia. But there are a few loose ends to take care of first...

 Yes I spelt Sylph wrong again but I left it that way to piss people off