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Part 27: The Kitchen Sink

Now that Cecil can go back and forth between the Over and Underworld, there's a few affairs to put in order before heading to Mysidia.

Informing the missus that Yang is still alive is Cecil's first task.

Why doesn't he come home...? I'm not crying! I just...have something in my eye... Here, take this. Smack that no-good on the noggin for me!

Seriously, don't piss off Yang's wife.

Here's the windup...

Hey! Stop...

*insert thunk sound here*



I'm so glad!

The Sylphs saved my life.

Just as you saved ours by destroying the cannons.


I shall join you once again.

You must rest!

I cannot rest while you risk your lives.

Just take it easy.

You are...?

I'm Edge of Eblan. Don't worry. I can cover for you.

Eblan. So you are a Ninja. But I must...

No! We'll fight in your place instead.


She's a Summoner, correct? Please call upon us at any time.

Thank you.

I'm most grateful.

Sylph hurts all enemies and restores some HP to the party. All in all, I'd rather have Yang back.

Cecil goes back to Fabul now to return the Frying Pan and let Yang's wife know he's back to normal.

Tell him not to worry about me. He should concentrate on getting better so he can help you!

I'm really annoyed they changed the item to Knife from the original version's Spoon. SPOON! Anyways, it's Edge's strongest throwable item in the game, and always deals 9999 damage. Alas, this kitchen utensil can only be thrown once.

Cecil needs the Enterprise for this next part, as it can pick up the hovercraft.

Remember this cave from earlier?

The party picked up the Rat Tail in the Cave of Summons, so...

Adamantite? Wasn't there a smithy looking for that?

The smithy will take the sword Cecil received during Mount Ordeals and make an extremely powerful sword.

Unfortunately, that takes time. So Cecil decides to revisit the King's ghost in Baron.

So you've returned...

I do not need your pity. Although I have been slain by a Lord, I have been given eternal power in return. The Summoner that follows you shall be able to call me to your aid whenever you need my help. Call on my sword, and it shall be yours. However, you must earn my respect by proving your strength and courage! Let us begin the battle!

Odin doesn't mess around. You have about a minute to kill him before he Zantetsukens your party to death.

When he raises his sword you really need to hurry up. Cecil and Rosa attack, Rydia casts Thundaga, and Edge throws anything he can get his hands on (but not the Knife/Spoon). It's really difficult to take him down with this party of four, but it's definitely possible.

You must protect the world with your strength. I shall fight alongside you as Odin.

Thank you, Your Majesty!

Odin murders everything to death on the spot, except when he doesn't.

Next time, the Wind Fish Lunar Whale.