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Part 32: The True Self

Blue auras are never good.

The Elemental Lords!


Master Zemus blessed us with a second life.

Prepare to die.

I shall enjoy fighting you again. You have taught us the power of joining forces. That is what we will do. Now allow me to restore your strength.

This time, we shall prevail.

In case you doubt any of the following, here is the video version.

If you're underlevelled/an idiot child this is one of the best/hardest fights in the series.

I am neither of these.

Not featured here: 9999 Blizzagas.

To make up for this deficiency, here is a 9999 Thundaga.

-gas won't blow Barbariccia away that easily.

But that won't stop this damage onslaught.

Master Zemus!

Please, one last chance...

We have failed again...

Farewell, valiants.

With the path clear, there is nothing between Cecil and the core.


Edge knows Kung Fu, it seems.

We have to destroy the Defense Node first, because it can heal the CPU!

There are two ways to do this fight- The slow, safer way or the fast, lazy, dangerous way. Guess which one I choose.

The Defense Node uses Restore on the CPU and the Attack Node uses Piercing Laser. The CPU casts Reflect on itself right away, so targeted magic is a no-no.

Killing both Nodes results in the CPU using Globe 199 twice, dealing 9999 damage to two characters. It then Revives both Nodes for more Node-related fun. The safe way to fight the CPU is to just kill the Defense Node and whittle down the CPU without killing the Attack Node.

Screw that. Rosa and FuSoYa have Life/Full-Life. Reviving characters is not an issue, and the Nodes have no other attacks.

FuSoYa Quakes the CPU out of existence.

We stopped it!

Oh crap, Golbez.

How dare you destroy the giant!


Do I know you?

You have to look deep inside yourself! You have to realize who you really are!

Stop it!

You must wake up!

More Technicolor Dreamcoat action here...

...and FuSoYa goes down for the count.

What came over me? Why was I filled...with so much hatred?

...You have regained your true self.

I wonder what Golbez's Persona looks like.

Now, do you remember your father's name?

My KluYa.


Then you must be Cecil's...

You two are brothers!?

My brother...?

You were Zemus' puppet in his plan. He was using you with his hypnotic powers. You were chosen because you have the blood of KluYa, a Lunarian, coursing through your body, which made it easier for you to be controlled. But to make you fight against your own flesh and blood...

I was fighting... against my own brother? All of this against my own flesh and blood?

You're my...?

I wonder why you were chosen. It easily could have been me, as I also have Lunarian blood.

I must have been chosen...because of the seeds of evil that lay inside me. Zemus saw that evil...and he helped it grow...

Golbez then makes a bolt for the exit.

Where are you going!?

To find Zemus! I'll settle this!


I, too, am a Lunarian, just like Zemus. I will join you!

Golbez helps the old man onto his feet.

Goodbye, Cecil.

Is this what you want, Cecil? Cecil?

Golbez is never coming back... You know that, right?


Aren't you going to do anything? He's your brother!



Cecil appears to be paralyzed by emotion. People always forget about this stuff when they complain about other MCs in the series.

While Cecil's sulking the Giant of Babel is collapsing.

We might be in trouble...

We have to get out of here!



Cecil's taking a page straight out of Kain's pouting manual.

What are you doing!?

We need to find a way out!

Speak of the twice-possessed devil...


Oh no, we're not falling for that again!

We can talk later! Right now, we have to get out of here!


Kain leads the group to the exit of the Giant.

Later, in the Lunar Whale...

Finally, I was able to regain my true self... I don't expect you to forgive me, after all I've done...

Of course we're not gonna forgive you! The Giant was practically your doing!

I may have been too harsh with Edge before. Even he agrees Kain's a dick.


It's not Kain's fault! You saw how Zemus had control even over Golbez!

Golbez too?

Golbez is...Cecil's older brother... A Lunarian named Zemus was controlling Golbez, taking advantage of his Lunarian bloodline...

Golbez and FuSoYa went to the Moon to destroy Zemus.

Wait, how did they get there?

Golbez is Cecil'

Remember, both Cecil and Kain were adopted by King Baron. Kain has even less of a connection to Cecil now.

I hope you don't end up betraying us again.

If that happens, kill me as well.

I'll go, too! I want to give this guy a piece of my mind!


...I'll go. I'll go, too! To the Moon!


I love how they pull out the "it's too dangerous" card now. I guess there's no kitchen on the ship...

But Cecil!

That's not fair!

Please, you have to get off the Lunar Whale.

You kids won't be much help, anyway.

I at least expect that kind of comment from Edge.

Who're you calling kids!?

Just stay put. Okay?


Kain! Edge!

The manly trio of manliness land on the Moon. But there are some stowaways...


Get out of the way, Rosa.

No! You have to take me with you! Otherwise, I'm not moving!

Why are you doing this...?

I want to be with you. I don't care what happens, as long as I'm with you.


I guess we have no choice.

Well, aren't you a ladies' man!

Alright... Rosa, I'll protect you with my life.

Cecil and Rosa take a moment for a PDA.

It worked!

I told you before that this was everyone's war! Besides, I'm the only one who can summon creatures to help us!

Rydia, you too...? Alright. Let's all go! After all, this is everyone's war!

And with that, we have our final party.

Or do we?


Hyadain is awesome.