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Part 31: A Giant Problem

Cecil heads back to Earth with FuSoYa to stop Zemus' plan. Maybe they shouldn't have dilly-dallied with Bahamut...


Well, it looks like the gang's all here. Cid gives Cecil's group a lift.

Who is he?

FuSoYa, Guardian of the Lunarians.

A Lunarian?

Can you do this or not?

Ah, keep your beard on. There's nothing I can't do!


Hang on!

Cid gets the group to the Giant's head...

...where they make their dramatic entrance.

The enemies here hit pretty hard, but honestly the monsters on the Moon are more problematic.

The music is also one of my favorite endgame dungeon tracks.

Sirens instantly start an encounter when used. The catch is the battle is always with the rarest monsters in the area. As you can imagine this will become really useful later on.

More stat boosting items. The Soma Drop increases Max MP by 10.

This guy is the worst enemy in the game if you're caught off guard like I was. It won't actually hurt you, it uses Search and follows up with Magnetic Radiation, hitting the target with Stop. I was an idiot and didn't realize this until hey I can't control my party

About twenty minutes later FuSoYa unstops and blows the bastard away. Bleh.

Remember how I said Sirens are useful? You can only get them from this area as drops/steals from Searchers (plus that Last Arm guy, but screw that). Stealing in this game isn't limited like later entries, which means you can keep stealing off the same guy over and over and over...

Killing off everyone but Edge and Hasting him is the pinnacle of laziness and efficiency.

Aw yeah.

This is a bout of catharsis after that aggravation.

Yes, yes.

I wanted Rydia to be at level 45 for this next part, as she learns her last -ga spell then.

Next time, Cecil shoots the core. Well, swords the core might be more accurate...