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Part 34: Let's Break Final Fantasy IV

I was going to take advice on which party members I should bring but then I realized that people were stupid. So I settled on my other favorite pasttime- being a lazy person that loves bringing a game to its knees. And with the programmers here that wasn't such a difficult task. With that in mind...

...this is who Cecil will bring on the first leg of his assault on Zemus.

This party is ridiculous, and I'm willing to guess you probably won't at first guess figure out which one is merely "average".  It's Cecil. 

There's a moon colony of these guys here. They must have stowed away on KluYa's ship, I guess. Money will not be an issue shortly.

Behind the room where Cecil meets FuSoYa for the first time is...

...a bunch of Crystals. Eight, to be exact.

We shall guide you to the core.

The fall of the Tower of Babel broke the seal. Now you may reach Zemus.

Powerful weapons that once posed a threat to the Lunarians are sealed away in the core along with Zemus.

A tremendous energy field exists between Zemus and our people.

Containing Zemus' madness within strains our power to the utmost.

FuSoYa and KluYa's son entered the core more than a while ago...

*insert yet another psychadelic color montage here*

Welcome to the Lunar Subterrane, the final area.

There are hidden passages everywhere, including two right near the entrance.

Almost every chest here is booby-trapped, but has ultimate equipment for the original final party (Cecil, Kain, Edge, Rosa, and Rydia).

This chest has the Sage Staff, Rosa's ultimate staff. It boosts her Spirit by 15 and can cast Life when used as an item.

Just like the previous Final Fantasy entry, there are ultimate weapons floating around as well.

The White Dragon is normally pretty hard. It loves to counter everything you do. Physical attacks result in Slows, Black Magic results in Glares, White Magic (like Holy) usually get the party Maelstromed, and Summon Magic will get the group an Earthquake to the face.

Even though Edward is in the back row, he is more than capable of keeping up with Yang thanks to his dragon-slaying harp. The White Dragon doesn't attack very quickly, and Slows aren't going to kill the group by themself. As long as you refrain from magic-ing it the fight is more than manageable.

The Murasame is a Katana for Edge. It increases his Strength, Stamina, and Intelligence by 5, but reduces his Agility and Spirit by 5 as well. This reaffirms the fact that Edge blows.

The Black Garb is Edge's best armor. It raises his Agility by 3. Woo.

The Fire Whip lowers Rydia's Intelligence so it's pretty worthless. I think it can randomly cast Firaga when it hits sometimes but then you'd be physically attacking with her.

Dragon Equipment reduces damage from Fire, Ice, and Electricity effects. Cecil can wear all of them, but they are Kain's ultimate armor.

Bone Dragons are weak to Holy. Yang and Edward tear them in two.

Gold Dragons try to use Entangle any time they're hit. It will sometimes Paralyze a character. Yang just puts them to sleep with his Cat Claw.

There are tons of Dragons down here. Edward rips them to pieces.

Behemoths start showing up in chests in this area. Remember how annoying they were before?

Yang takes him down singlehandedly. His Focus attack is never countered (I'm guessing this is a glitch), and Behemoths are really, really unable to much without countering. This one only gets off about one attack.

The Stardust Rod is the best Rod for Rydia. It boosts her Intelligence by 15 and when used as an item casts Comet in battle.

The Crystal equipment is Cecil's best gear. Each piece boosts his Spirit by 3. The shield and gloves reduce damage from undead attacks, the Helm acts just like the Dragon equipment, and the Mail acts as a mini-Ribbon.

Red and Blue Dragons are pretty nasty. Blue ones are absorb most elements, and red ones hit really hard. They both have breath attacks that hit the whole party too.

Protect Rings are amazing. They boost Stamina by 15 and reduce Fire, Ice, and Electricity damage. There's two of them in the area.

The White Robe boosts Rosa's Spirit by 15, and prevents Darkness for some reason.

Minerva's Plate is an incredible defensive armor for Rydia or Rosa, but it lowers Intelligence AND Spirit by 15 (bleh). It also boosts Strength, Stamina, and Agility by 15 and prevents Paralysis.

Good luck finding this hidden path- it's the only one like it in the game.

Ahriman is still a prick. He casts Doom on a party member, killing that character when the counter reaches 0. Killing him fast is your only priority.

Hey, another sword...

...Oh my. Dark Bahamut (aka Wyvern) is really dangerous.

He'll always unload with Mega Flare right at the start. He'll also use it to counterattack any time Rydia casts Bahamut, so it's a good thing she's not here...

I have absolutely no idea why this happens, but Porom is immune to Mega Flare. I've tried this fight several different times and she is never hit by it. It makes a fight that's so dependent on the healer a cakewalk.

Dark Bahamut follows up Mega Flare by Reflecting himself and bouncing Flares onto your party, but they only hit one character and that's more than enough for Porom to handle.

It's also a dragon, by the way.

Ragnarok is Cecil's ultimate weapon. It has the Holy Element and raises his Strength, Stamina, and Spirit by 15.

Next time, we break more bosses. Well, maybe not with the spell Break, but...