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Part 35: The Final Countdown

Cecil brings along some of those left behind earlier for this next part.

The seventh floor has several important treasures for the party.

Plague is a gimmick boss, plain and simple. Remember how Ahriman hit a character with Doom?

Plague does it to the whole party, making the fight a race against time. There's an easy way around this, though.

The only thing that can remove the countdown is death. But if there is a living character that has not been condemned...

...he casts Doom on the whole party again, resetting the timer.

He has no actual attacks, and is therefore a huge joke.

The Holy Lance is Kain's ultimate weapon. It doesn't boost his stats any but it's a nice Holy Elemental weapon.

One door down from the Holy Lance is a dangerous fight.

The Lunasaurs can be pretty dangerous. They cast Reflect on themselves and bounce Flare off of each other, as well as using a Flame attack and even the terrifying Bad Breath.

Palom's learned a few tricks from his old mentor, though. Edward would have torn these guys apart as well.

Ribbons are the ultimate in status ailment protection. These are technically Rydia and Rosa's ultimate head armor but pretty much anyone can wear them.

The eighth floor is where things start getting strange. The layout changes, the music changes from Cecil's theme to the Giant of Babel's theme...

...and the monsters get nightmarish. Wicked Masks cast Reflect on themselves AND the party and lob Flares and Holy at you off himself while buffing themselves by bouncing Curaga and Haste off the party.

Every enemy here has the boss battle theme as well, and are almost bosses in and of themselves. Behemoths, Red Dragons, and Blue Dragons are all regular encounters now.

The last real treasure is here as well.

Ogopogo (aka Dark Leviathan) always unloads back to back Tidal Waves at the start and counters magical attacks with Blaze(this seems weird).

Rydia and Palom are more than capable of racing him damage-wise, though.

The Masamune is Edge's other ultimate weapon. It's stronger than the Masamune but only boosts his Agility by 3.

At this point, the only thing left is the final encounter with Zemus...