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Part 36: Divide by Ze(ro)mus

Cecil takes his original final party down to the core of the Lunar Subterrane. There is a gameplay reason for doing this but it won't be apparent until later...

Oh hell no. Smoke works a lot like Escape does in later games- it gets the party out of any non-boss encounter.

The twelfth and final floor displays a battle already in progress...

Golbez, FuSoYa!

The Lunarian and half-Lunarian aren't waiting for backup, however.


Well, that was easy.

We did it...

You have much strength. It is a shame Zemus had control of your powers.


All of you have come!

We were one second too late. I was supposed to take care of him!




We are Zeromus...We loathe...all...!

Zeromus blasts everyone with a massive spell, but FuSoYa and Golbez manage to resist it.

His death caused him to double his power? We've intensified his evil!

Zemus...No, now you are Zeromus! This time I will see to it that you are completely destroyed!

It is time for disappear!


...That... wasn't so easy.

Suffer...Die...Our hatred...will continue...until destroyed...It is your turn...Come...Join hell!

All eyes on Earth are on the sky above...

Cecil and the others are in danger!

So I see...

Now is the time to pray for them! Pray with them and this Earth! Palom, Porom! We must pray hard to send our prayers to Cecil!


Please...take my strength...!

I'm gonna kill the whole lot of you if you don't come back safe!

Do it for this land!

We are supporting you!

Come on!

Sir Cecil, everyone!

Moon, I call out to you! Please accept our prayers!


Zeromus! I can't lose! I...just...can't!

Although badly injured, Cecil charges at Zeromus.


With everyone restored, the final battle begins.

Zeromus will not do anything at this point, despite its ominous rumbling. This gives Cecil's group time to buff themselves with Haste and Shell.

Cecil's group is unable to hurt Zeromus, though. At least not until he uses the Crystal Golbez gave him...

Zeromus' true form is revealed, and it's not pretty.

Zeromus' main attack is Big Bang, a nasty spell that can hit for 2000+ damage and cause Sap. He will also counter Summon magic with Bio on the entire party, and will counter with Flare anytime he is hit with Black Magic. Holy magic will get the group Maelstromed, so Meteor and Holy are bad ideas (for some reason Meteor is Holy-elemental in this game despite being a Black Magic spell).

His Black Hole attack Dispels all buffs on the party, but at this point Rosa's too busy trying to keep up with his damage by Curajaing the group to recast them.

Kain Jumps, Rydia summons Bahamut, Cecil strikes with the Ragnarok, and Edge throws anything at Zeromus he can get his hands on.

When severely hurt, Zeromus begins to throw Meteors into the mix. But it's not enough to stop the warriors of Light...

...and with that, Zeromus is defeated.

...exists in the hearts...of the living...Graaah!

Well done! You hold much more power than I had expected...The race of the Blue Planet may have already evolved past us Lunarians...

Yeah, you might be right! You saw how strong we were!

Zeromus's last words bother me, though...

As long as evil exists...

True evil will never die. Every living creature has at least a touch of evil in its heart, along with goodness. It is as sure as there is Light and Darkness, the Overworld and the Underworld. However, goodness exists because evil exists. It is that goodness you hold which destroyed Zemus.

Oh, stop it, already! There was nothing to it!

What are you talking about!? I was surprised Zemus didn't try to control you! I'm sure you have enough evil inside!

Nope! My heart is filled with goodness all the way!

Well, it is time for me to return to my home. What about everyone else?

We will return home as well.

Yes, there are people worried about us!

I see. I'm glad you have such wonderful friends. I look forward to the day we meet again!

May I...May I come along too?

You wish to come...?

Yes...I cannot return home, after all I've done. I would very much like to meet my father's people as well.

Ah, yes. Lunarian blood flows in your veins...Very well, come along. But you must be ready for a long, long sleep.

Yes. Thank you.

You sounded very worried when you called my name...Does that mean you've forgiven me? ...How foolish of me, of course not, after all I've done...

We are off to spend many years in slumber. We pray that the Blue Planet will be peaceful, for a long, long time. Come.



Are you certain you want to part this way?

He's your brother!

Goodbye, everyone.


......Goodbye! Goodbye, my brother!

Thank you...Cecil...!

Back in Mysidia...

Porom meets with the Elder.

We shall begin today's training.

Yes, sir.

Hm? Where's Palom?

Oh no, not again!

...And then, I cast Blizzard at the creatures that we encountered at Mt. Ordeals...


How many times are you going to be late for training!? The elder is really angry!

It will be years before you are even half the sage Tellah was! As punishment, you must train twice as hard as your sister today!

That's not fair!

I think it's very fair!

When will you come to realize that you have responsibilities!? You are a prince!

I know, I know! Geez!

You say you know, but your actions say otherwise!

Yeah, yeah.

The correct words here would be "Yes, sir!"

Alright, I'll shape up. *sigh* I can't but help thinking about Rydia, though... *sigh*

Your Highness! Have you been listening to anything I said!?

What a courageous little girl.

Yes, I never thought she would really come back.

Rydia, why do I have fangs and you don't? I wish I didn't have fangs so I could be like you! How can I be like you?

What are you talking about? We're all living creatures. We're all the same!

I cannot wait to see what the future holds for the Land of Summons.

I cannot wait to see what kind of beauty the girl will grow up to be!

The important thing is what you're like on the inside, not outside. Isn't that right, Cecil...?


You're a queen now! Try calling me "my king" instead of "honey".

I know... But I can't stand being so formal!

Oh no! It's time for my training! Let's go!

Hon! Come back!

Do not say that. I think Yang will create a wonderful kingdom.

Kids: Your Highness!

I will. But only after I've finished my work. You want the castle back the way it was, right?

Kids: Yeah! That's a promise right?

I hope you're watching over me. I'm helping the people of Damcyan. I'm caring for other people, as I'd cared for you said I should. I hope you and Tellah are having a fine time together...

We need to repair the castle with great haste!

Your Majesty! We don't have enough materials!

Take apart the tanks and remove any useful pieces! There's no need to worry about war anymore!

Father. I wonder how Cecil and his friends are doing...

I almost forgot to tell you! It seems Sir Cecil and Lady Rosa...are the new king and queen of Baron!

Oh my!

I have also been notified that we have been invited to the coronation ceremony!

How lovely!

Your Majesty! You're not helping to fix the castle at all!

I'm the king! I can do whatever I want! Now go take apart some tanks!

Cecil...Rosa...I cannot bring myself to face you both. Not yet. I must test myself as you did, Cecil, at Mt. Ordeals. I will train until I have surpassed my father as a Dragoon... When that time comes... Then I shall return to Baron.


What is it?

You have to see this! The moon...!

The second moon leaves orbit...


What's wrong, Cecil?

I thought... I thought I heard my brother's voice...


I couldn't tell for sure, but... Forget it. It was probably my imagination.

Hey, you two! Why aren't you getting ready!? It's your big day!

We must have lost track of time.

You two can do whatever you want later! Come on, Rosa! Uh, er, Your Majesty!

Please, just call me Rosa.

Rosa, we've got to get you dressed! And get some makeup on you! The bride can't keep people waiting! Come on! We haven't got all day!

I'll be right there!

I can't wait to see everyone again! It's been so long... Cecil, are you ready?

Yes, I'm ready.

Rosa then takes her leave.

I heard my brother's voice long.

Now for the wedding ceremony...

...and the ending.

Or is it?