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Part 41: Part E - The Paladin's Test

The second party is much more equipped for dealing with Cecil's party than the first one was. Sadly, there is no way to warp into the middle of the Lunar Ruins.

A teleporter maze. Just what this terrible dungeon needed!

This is a pretty awesome Katana for Edge.

This would be a nice Holy elemental Rod for Rydia/Palom, but it's bugged. A lot of the weapons here are bugged (the three that matter do, though):

Asura's Rod - not holy
Tiger Fangs - does not paralyze
Dragon Claw - not holy, does not hurt dragons more
Loki's Lute - does not hurt enemies more
Mist Whip - not holy, does not paralyze
Assassin Dagger - no death effect
Piggy's Stick - no pig effect
Rising Sun - not wind
Requiem Harp - does not drain HP
Giant Axe - does not poison
Perseus Bow - not wind

Why are all these screwed up? These weapons are stored in the location where the armor data is supposed to go, which doesn't have bits for things like "Damage to Dragonsx2" and whatnot. Wonderful.

There's a town the Lunar Ruins, too. It even has an Inn.

It's not like money is an issue at this point.

Cecil needs to find this stupid toad to get to the next floor.

This toad is a prick. It will always try to Toad your party right away, casts Protect on itself when attacked, and Reflect if hit with magic. It also is about as skittish as a Cactuar. It likes to teleport away when you get near it on the regular map too. It will always drop a Megalixir though.

With that out of the way, it's time for Cecil's trial.

Who's there?

If you are a true Paladin, you may pass. Are you a true Paladin? You must prove yourself. I'll be waiting for you, Paladin.

And so, the test begins.


And now it's finally in my hands! This golden frying pan! It's strange just knowing how it's sitting there, unlocked, inside my chest... Thinking back, I remember ten years ago, the first time I... Zzz...


Test 1: Don't take the old man's stuff.

I'll put it here. If you have this with you in heaven, I don't have to worry about you. Sleep well...

Test 2: Don't take the dead lady's Megalixir.

All of my chocobos have run off and haven't returned... I have to stay here, so I can't go looking for them... Would you mind searching for my chocobos?


Thank you so much!

Test 3: Retrieve all five chocobos.

This one can be hard to rescue. He tends to get besieged by creepy, obssessive people.

I need to ask you for a favor. I need to pick something up.


Thank you so much! I'm very grateful! Please make sure no one gets near the treasure chest, okay? Don't tell anyone, but it contains a legendary holy sword. Don't let anyone near it. I'm only asking you because you seem trustworthy!

Test 4: Hold still like one of those guards with the funny hats that can't smile.

One more test to go. It's worth noting that there's ten different tests and five are chosen at random, so your tests may vary.


Test 5: Honesty.

With that done, there is only one person left to meet.

First, I shall grant you a weapon. Take what is in the box.

What is in the box depends on how many tests Cecil passed. All five were passed, so he gets...

The Lightbringer has the Holy Element (it's one of three "special effect" weapons they actually didn't screw up in the bonus dungeon) and sometimes follows up with Holy on an enemy it hits. This is great unless the opponent has Reflect (and they will).


SPAAAAAACE Odin is a pain in the ass. He'll always start off the fight with Zantetsuken, but your party can live through that for the most part now (Porom doesn't, but she's kinda weak). He'll smack the group a few times and then Zantetsuken again. He'll follow that up with Holy, Haste, and a double-cast Zantetsuken you will not survive. This makes the fight a race against time. Slow is huge here just like in the original Odin fight. Everyone should be on the offensive for the most part - Porom's Holy attacks should easily do 9999, and she can help Rosa with healing if it's needed.

It's over...

Cecil doesn't get any fancy gloves, sadly. Some kind of Cover-All effect would have been nice...

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