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Part 40: Part D - The Summoner's Solitude

This is a much better Robe defensively for Rosa, but it only boosts her Spirit by 10 (Her White Robe increases her Spirit by 15).

Some more waterfalls are in the way of the next Trial, but there's nothing else of note.

Rydia's trial is next.

Rydia takes a look around, but it's too difficult to see through the fog...

Wait, Rydia! This isn't just fog! Everyone, be careful!

Rydia looks a little...different.


Huh...? I feel a little...dizzy...

!? I don't feel the presence... of the summoned beasts anymore...

Rydia? Are you alright?

Ugh...! this? What's going...on...?

There's something funny about this fog...

Rydia is now a child again. She has all her Black Magic, and even her White Magic back...

...but the friends she made after she left Cecil's group are gone. Where did they go?

They're hidden in the fog, naturally.


Who are you?

It's me, Rydia! Have you forgotten!?

I trust no humans. Trust is something that must be defeating me!

None of Rydia's summons are any threat, but they all must be found to proceed.

Shiva! Have you forgotten who I am?

What are you saying? You must prove your worth before asking for my trust!

She warms up to Rydia eventually.

Titan, please! It's me! Do you remember?

I don't know you. Show me your power, then I'll lend you mine!

Titan is actually a threat... until Rosa casts Float.

Ramuh... You don't recognize me?

You speak as if you know me.

It's me! Rydia! Please try to remember...

You do not fear me... Then allow me to test your strength and courage to the fullest!

The old man has a defense like one. With all her Summons back...

...Rydia breaks through the fog...

...and faces the Guardian here.

The Lunar Dragon plays out a lot like it's counterpart in the Mist Cave, in theory. In reality, it glitches the hell out in a prolonged fight to the point where it doesn't know if it's coming or going between forms. This game is unbelievably glitchy.

The boss is also strong against Holy, which is a serious problem for Cecil and Yang if you didn't bring spare weapons. The fight isn't hard, it will just drive you up a wall.

Rydia... Are you alright?

Yes. Now I know how important the summoned beasts were to me...

What's that?

What an odd, misty cavern...

The Mist Ring lets Rydia use her Dragon Summon to cast a weak Image (one copy), but over the whole party. It's alright, but a Protect Ring is probably better.

Next Time:

(How do the sprites for Titan and Ramuh look? I have very little experience with sprite editing...)