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Part 39: Part C - The White Mage's Oath

King Bombs are the ultimate Bomb evolution. They can cast some really powerful Firagas as well as Self-Destruct.

The floors in between are retreads for the most part. There's a floor with a number puzzle on it but it's dumb and stupid. There's no encounters on that floor thankfully.

Some floors have fairies. It's too bad the group doesn't have any empty bottles.

The next stop on the nightmare train belongs to Rosa.

Hmmm... a quaint little town in the Ruins?

Not for long...

...the weight of your crimes... Taste my justice!

The crazy lady turns into three colored orbamabobbers.

The green one Toads people...

...the red one knocks them all down, and the blue one does something or other.

Yes, yes it is. You'll see why in a second.

The sky suddenly got dark... Then we were attacked by spheres of light... Most townspeople were fatally wounded!

Rosa... You must help everyone!

You have Phoenix Downs/Esuna Cecil, you can help too.

Or not.

You think you can save everyone? Sinful humans... Today you shall be judged!

This part is annoying and timed. Rosa has to depig, detoad, destone, and save as many villagers as possible (there are 12 total).

The problem is some of the townsfolk are actually enemies in disguise, which is a dick move and a half.

You aren't going to be able to save everyone if you have to fight one of these enemies, and there's no way to know ahead of time which is which unless you've done this over and over and over again.

When time runs out the orbs coalesce around Rosa, warping the group to the entrance...

A White Mage... You must show me... Whether humans are worthy of their existence!

On your guard, everyone!

SPAAAAAACE Asura can be pretty hard. You do NOT want to fight her the same way you did regular Asura. She'll start bouncing -agas off herself if you put Reflect on her, but Reflects on the group will shut her down pretty well. She will bounce Curagas and Restores off of your shielded characters, but it's not enough to slow down the onslaught. She does use Globe 199 though, and that can mess up your plan pretty quickly if you're not careful. The Grimoire LA is the reward for defeating her.

What was that about?

I think it wanted... to tell us something...


...Anyway, I'm just glad the townspeople are safe.

You have taught everyone a lesson. We should be helping each other out, not fighting against one another.

Um...ok? No idea why this comes out of nowhere.

Maybe that was what the light was trying to tell us... This is a token of our appreciation.

You only get this if you save every townsperson. You get a silly consumable otherwise. The White Ring changes Rosa's Pray Command into Miracle, guaranteeing a slightly larger heal than Pray OR will sometimes use Esuna on the group instead. This is pretty damn terrible given what you have to do to obtain it.

Thank you, everyone. I will continue to use my powers to help those in need. You can touch so many people with the powers you have. Please remember that!

Well, we have to get going...

This is a "very special episode" of Final Fantasy IV, apparently.


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