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Part 43: Part G - The Ninja's Gauntlet

This is Cecil's party for the third run through the ruins, bringing Cecil through the last three trials. It's going to get weird now.

There's a book you have to find in the Library of the Damned to get to the next floor. It's in different spots every time Cecil reaches here.

Edge's trial is next. It's "special".

Is this... a castle?

Whoa! It's like a playground for us Ninjas!

Something feels...wrong. I think we should be careful...

Edge bolts through the nearest door.


I hope you're ready for Happy Fun Pitfall Trap TimeTM!

Not bad! Come on!


Color-coded doors? Ugh.

There's a switch around here somewhere...


Wrong switch.

This castle is more unsettling than an Escher painting.

I like what you've done with the place.

So you enjoy my castle? I am pleased you like it. But will you enjoy this as well!?

Son of a-

Hehe. Looks like it's about to get real fun!

Edge is completely wrong.

Edge is great at sneaking through walls.


He sneaks right into another pit trap, though.

In case you haven't noticed yet, this is the castle of dick moves. Screenshots don't do this place justice.

Case in point. You can walk into the air four spaces here, but it's a dead end.

These floor tiles will crumble under your feet if you're not careful.

There's deadends galore as well.

These notes actually lead somewhere, however.

There's hidden passages on top of all this.

You have to defeat Palace Guards in random encounters to get keys. It's like every terrible idea rolled up into one!

Eventually Edge is able to reach the switches to open purple and cyan doors.

This door has nothing behind it. The secret passage is southeast of here. Don't go too far in or you'll stumble out over thin air Wile Coyote-style.

More deadends.

There's the switch Edge needs to hit to proceed.


The random encounters really enhance the pain and suffering of the area. It's like feng shui for masochists.

You got far. I didn't expect to see you still alive.

Don't you know who I am? I'm Edge, Prince of Eblan!

You are courageous. You do not seem to fear death. This will make for an interesting battle.

SPAAAAAACE Ifrit is probably the easiest boss in the Ruins.

Whoop de doo. His Glare attack is the only one that can do any real damage, and he has no tricks at all. Which is probably a good thing because if you died here you would probably throw your Game Boy across the room in rage.

The Hanzo Gloves change Edge's Steal Command into Plunder. They let him attack normally as a follow-up if he successfully steals. He never does.

Edge is so distracted by the Gloves he falls into a pit. Again.

This has been fun. Maybe I can renovate Eblan Castle to make it like this.


Where's your sense of fun? Where's your spirit?


It's probably still stuck in the twentieth pit trap Cecil fell down. I know mine is.

Edge, ladies and gentlemen.

Let's keep going.



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