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Part 47: Finale - Snips and Snails and Pinky Puff Tails

Finale - Snips and Snails and Pinky Puff Tails

This room in the Lunar Subterrane is special. It has nothing to do with the Red Fang (they're not very helpful). This room has a unique encounter, but it's pretty rare (it has a 1/64 chance of showing up).

Sirens always summon the rarest encounter in an area, though.

Flan Princesses (more infamously known as Pink Puffs) have a ton of HP, but no physical resistances like the other Flans in the family.

They also have a large propensity towards getting down. Their physical attacks would be dangerous if Cecil's group had found them before finishing the game, but they're too slow to be dangerous now. Their attacks can cause Berserk which can be dangerous if the healer gets hit.

They tend to drop Elixirs, Dry Ethers, and Fuma Shurikens, but rarely drop a unique item. The original US release did not have Sirens in it, so there was a 1/64 chance of encountering these Pink Puffs, a 5% chance of them dropping an item, and a 1/64 chance of it being this special item. Needless to say, pre-Internet it was the stuff of legends whispered about on the playground.

Unless you were luckier than a leprechaun struck by lightning twice while riding a unicorn to cash in your winning lottery ticket, you've never seen this joyous sight (or knew how to hex-edit).

Remember this guy?

I really don't want to know why or how those blobs had a tail...

The Adamant Armor is ridiculous. Anyone can wear it and it puts all other armor to shame. Zeromus' Big Bang goes from 2000+ damage to single digits with this puppy equipped.

There's a cool Easter Egg in the Dwarven Castle.

The Pub behind the shops is not the secret, though.

This area has all the developers in sprite form.

Even the encounters are developer-themed.

This would be great, but alas.

There's some... "good reading" here as well. Cecil actually looks around to make sure the coast is clear before using the item.

I'd say JAPAN here, but it really isn't.

On enemies not named Zeromus EG, the Grimoires deal 9999 damage all the time no questions asked. The book is consumed though (it can be reclaimed by redoing the trial it came from).

Zeromus is not named Zeromus EG.

It's possible to kill him in his first form with the Grimoires. Bug, feature, who the hell knows at this point.

He does not share his second form's unique death animation, curiously enough.

The game just goes straight along with the ending, true form be damned. Guess what that means?

Yep. It stays in the inventory because it was never used.

Sadly, it does nothing.

And on that bombshell, I'm done. Thanks for watching!