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Part 46: Part J - The Final Challenge

There's a sort of superboss near the end of the Lunar Ruins.

He's called the Brachioraidos and he is kinda mean.

He looks like a plain old dragon, but don't be fooled. He's got a bunch of tricks up his sleeve.

His Intelligence stat is a bit absurd. He can hit physically up to three times simultaneously for 1000+ damage easch as well.

Attacking him while he's doing his countdown is a death wish. He goes into what I like to call "Enraged Mode", casting Protect and Reflect on himself. He then starts chaining simultaneous 7k -agas, or if you're lucky, "just" simultaneous 9999 Holy and Flare.

You should be throwing up Reflects instead, so basically the opposite of this.

As long as you do this and keep the party healed (the bajillion Megalixirs help with this), he'll go down eventually.

Brachioraidos will always drop the Hero's Shield when defeated. It's the best shield by far and absorbs every element in the game.

The last floor looks exactly like the lower Lunar Subterrane.

This is who is coming with Cecil into the final encounter of the Ruins. Notice Yang hasn't gained any more max HP- the programmers forgot to add in his HP gains after level 60, so this is as high as it gets without some apples.

This is my world... Who dares to step into it? Who?

I am complete darkness... I am Zeromus, but at the same time, I am not... I am Zeromus EG. It's been a while since I've seen humans... Don't fail to amuse me...

The game gives no indication of explaining what the hell EG means.

Extra Goofy, perhaps? Elf Groin here follows a set pattern, and does not counterattack like his counterpart. This makes him... kind of a joke, actually. Extremely Gassy'll always start off with Big Bang, a Toad-Mini combo, Whirl (a Maelstrom effect - really nasty with Big Bang's Sap effect), Flare, a double Drain combo, a double Osmose combo(both do 1 HP/MP each, it's sad), and an Earthquake/Lightning/Flame combo. Excellent Gluts'll start using an effect called Absorb which refills half his current HP when near death, but the group's damage output makes that a non-issue.

The reward for taking him out?

A teleporter out of the ruins. That's it.


What, you wanted more? Fine. Behold!

I'm not really sure why, but Grimoire LT turns him into a little dude. Winning at this point is a mere triviality.

What, that's not enough? Behold harder!

Grimoire LD turns him into what all Final Fantasy bosses should be. I have no idea if this is a glitch or intended, but turning the bonus boss into a Toad feels... right.