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Part 127: Characters - Luca

Name: Luca
Job: Shop Hand


Luca played a small yet important role in the original game. The daughter of King Giott, Luca's involvement in the plot involves the fight with her magic dolls, Calcabrena, and more importantly her necklace, a memento from her late mother, which is used to unlock the Sealed Cave and access one of the Underworld Crystals.

After the original game, Luca started training under the tutelage of Cid, becoming his apprentice. She quickly adapted to engineering, learning to fix and tweak airships and other mechanical objects. She even managed to enhance her old dolls into battle-ready warriors peppered with magical effects.


Analyze - Displays an enemy's HP and weaknesses. Identical to the Libra spell.

Big Throw - A regular attack that does full-damage from the back row.

Equipment: Hammers, Axes, Bows
Best Stats: Strength, Stamina


There's not really much to say about Luca. Analyze is useless, and Big Throw's reliable if unimpressive. Still, having an attack-based special move is always useful to bypass Lunar Phases, and you can have a tank that's actually effective from the back row. Plus her speed isn't as bad as you expect.

Overall, Luca's not a particularly impressive character, but she's a reliable one in battle.