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Final Fantasy IV: The After Years

by Mega64

Part 22

Chapter 20

Before we get on the boat, the moon changes to Full, which lowers attack. Boo.

Everyone's here to see us off.

Yes, Mother!

Sheila is the best NPC in either game.


Ursula's learning more from this adventure than she probably ever wanted to learn.


They don't even respond to the Chancellor. Everyone knows the Chancellor sucks. Has there ever been a cool chancellor that wasn't a monster in disguise?

Raise anchor, men!
Aye-aye, sir!

(Works pretty great for a sailing song)

And we're off. I certainly hope we don't run into any angry sea creatures, especially one that can destroy our boat and scatter our party!

Attain an audience with Cecil and figure out the truth behind these affairs.
What if Cecil's already in enemy hands?

Oh, Yang and his unconditional love for Cecil. I mean, come on, man.

This is the best line of this Tale.

Obviously it refers to how Ursula's pissed that Yang has more trust for this guy who may be evil than his own daughter, but I'd rather read it more that she thinks Yang loves Cecil more than her.

Either way, it flies over Yang's head.

You give him such absolute, unwavering trust.

Before we can delve into these personal issues, however, shit's going down.

What is it?

Ursula will exclaim this a lot, so you better get used to this.

Ready yourself, Ursula!

Like every other single battle in this Tale, the strategy is to use Attack over and over until everything is dead.

Don't play this Tale for the challenge.

The moon must be affecting the world's creatures in strange and unpredictable ways.

And then there's a shot of the two moons because it's been, what, fifteen minutes since we last saw them?

Another ship soon joins up with us.

Hah hah! We're racing 'er to the docks, ye dogs!
Aye-aye, sir!

Hell yeah, a good old-fashioned sea race!

Take a wild guess who's on that other boat.

Hey, it's our old pal Edward!

And some other guy!

Yes. A stronger, gentler, braver monarch you will seldom find.

Man, these kings really love to blow each other verbally.

It's pretty cool that they keep switching between the two boats, since it helps show that they're shouting at each other over a great distance.

Yes, that's right!

In case you couldn't already tell, the entire purpose of Harley's existance is to make Edward look better.

As we'll later see, she succeeds at this purpose with flying colors.

Indeed. Fabul has picked up on the same signs we have, no doubt.

Unless he gets brainwashed again!

Hey, I thought we were supposed to be racing here! Now Edward's going to win!

Maybe the Eblan ship has a blue shell?

We're losing speed.
Looks like those monsters did more damage than I thought.

Aye-aye, sir!

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but it looks like our fuel tank's out of action.

DAMMIT YANG. I thought we'd actually make it an entire Tale without this bullshit.

We've got just enough fuel to reach the closest shore, but not much more than that, I'm afraid.
The closest shore?

So we have to go through the cave Ceodore went through to get fuel? Are we really reusing new dungeons at this point? Really, game?

No, not really. It's just a nondescript island instead. Bet I had you fooled, though!

Where will we find fuel, though?
Some palm oil should work. It's not the best fuel in the world, but it'll do for now...
I apologize for being blunt, Captain, but we are on urgent business.
Let's just get what we need and get moving again. Remember that this is an unexplored island, so there's no telling what's out there.

Father, I'm coming too...
You will wait here.
Let us go with you, Master!
Enough worrying about me. I will be back in a short time.
Be careful!

So Yang goes off solo to search for fuel.

Night hits, and we have control of Ursula.

This guy lets you heal, and without changing the moon phase either. Neat, though I'd love to change to a better moon at this point.

Royal discount my ass. He charges the same as everyone else.

Go fuck yourself, dickhole.

See? The Captain knows what's up.

Don't worry. Master Yang will be back before you know it.

It's only been a few hours. At this point, Ursula's probably just wanting to kick some ass due to boredom.

Then the monks hilariously run off after her.

Next time, we tackle the final dungeon of this Tale. It's a maze.

At least there's no teleporters this time!