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Part 52: Bands - Kain's Tale

Hey, nice timing!

Bands - Kain's Tale

Our team for the Challenge Dungeon is Ceodore, Kain, Cid, and Rosa. I'll talk about how they work as individuals later. For now, we've got six bands to go through.

The first band we're looking at, Saint Dive, utilizes Kain's Jump and Rosa's White Magic.

Easily the best attack band of the bunch. Hell, it does more damage spread over four enemies than any of the other bands do to one. Of course, the 30MP cost combined with Kain's tiny MP pool kind of hurts its use.

Cross Slash Prime, using Ceodore and Kain's attacks, is nothing more than an upgraded version of Cross Slash, which is no longer usable.

It's alright.

Using Cid's Analyze to temper Ceodore's attack, we get to activate Rocket Launcher.

Well, it looks cool.

Ceodore's White Magic combined with Rosa's Blessing results in Divine Heal.

Its results are interesting in that what it does depends on the moon. A Waxing Moon results in just Curaja being cast, while the other moons cast Curaga plus another effect. Full gives Shell, Waning gives Protect, and New casts Esuna on everyone. Just plain Curaga would be much more efficient, and considering that it costs 28MP for both characters, it's not even worth it for Curaja, let alone Protect and Shell which are already cheap, fast, and multitarget. Even multi-target Esuna is rather limited in use, plus you have to be in a New Moon, though it works as a nice neutral moon.

Cid Analyzes, Kain Jumps, and the result is Aiming Trust.

Not bad. Of course, Kain could move twice in the time it'd take to wait for Cid to charge the band.

X Chaser requires Rosa to be equipped with arrows, as it uses her Aim command. In what's becoming a common theme, Cid uses Analyze in this band.

The gimmick with it is that it may cause instant death. Eh. There's better ways to do it, and again, it requires having a healer waste time charging with Cid to use a mediocre attack.

That's it for bands this tale. Next time, the Challenge Dungeon.