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Final Fantasy IV: The After Years

by Mega64

Part 67

Chapter 54

Baron is the point of no return. Make sure you've done everything before coming here.

It's disappeared!
I hope this isn't a trap.
Let's go.

You're pretty much set to go to the throne room, as the game forbids exploring the castle one last time. A shame, I wanted to finally loot the damn treasure room and have one last laugh about Ceodore sleeping with his parents.


Odin hits hard, but he mainly focuses on physical attacks. Just have Edward use Bardsong, Rosa heal, and everyone else on the offense.

Y-Your Highness!?
He's right! That's the voice of the late king, rest his soul!

Odin needs much less of a beating to regain his senses.


So you're...

Sure am. Not that I have quite as many bodies as you do.

Seriously, I love how Golbez is embracing his new role as the most knowledgable person in the room. He's literally gloating in secret about how much more he knows about the situation than anyone else.

So we get a random party of Golbez, Rosa, Ceodore, Rydia, and Edge. Why not?

So I ended up fighting the Mysterious Girl under a Full Moon. You really, really do not want to do this.

You see, M.G. loves to cast the -agas, which will do pretty hefty damage. If you didn't really level Rosa up much in Kain's Tale, or you stripped away all her equipment, she won't be able to keep up.

But casting -aga spells is only the beginning.

She can summon Leviathan, who will hurt even more. But that's not all!

She can summon Bahamut, which really ruins everyone's day. But that's not all!

Her background thingy will grow, which means be prepared for some serious hurt.

At least the Full Moon's helping us a bit. Still don't recommend it.

That's right, Mysterious Girl has no problem busting out fucking Meteor, which will really hurt under a Full Moon.

Ceodore was completely useless. Rosa and Rydia were dead half the time, meaning Edge had to keep using Phoenix Downs and X-Potions while Golbez focused on offense. Rosa obviously spammed Curaga when she could, and Rydia alternated between Phoenix Downs and Blizzaga.

You know, all those handicaps actually made the battle fun. I just wish it wasn't such a huge pain to grind everyone to equal footing.

No, we have not.

Well done.
Now I am off to collect the Crystals.
This planet serves no purpose any longer.

Uh... What?

But yeah, it wasn't Cagnazzio in disguise this time, so there's that.


More than you do, probably.

Seriously, Golbez is loving being a huge dick.

Do they intend to destroy the world with that moon?
Oh no!
Can't you stop it somehow!?


Way to go, Golbez. Here you have a shining example to look even more awesome, even if you just half-ass a plan of your own, by taking initiative. You could look like a fucking hero and really redeem yourself as the ultimate bad-turned-good-guy badass.

Instead, you let fucking Luca of all people upstage you. Maybe if you spent more time planning this out and less time dreaming in flashbacks, you'd be sitting prettier.

I hate to say this, given the situation and everything... But there's no way we can escape this planet's gravitational pull. We just don't have the technology.
There is a way.

And with that, this tale is finished.

Easily my favorite tale of the bunch. Exploration, some actual decent plot and characterization, some nice tense scenes, a party that actually requires a bit of strategy for bosses, and above all, legitimate entertainment.

It's all downhill from here, folks.