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Part 90: Bands - Kain and the Harveys

Bands - Kain and the Harveys

So the people have spoken, and they want me to use bands. So here, have your damn bands.

Our team. It's the same one we finished Part One with.

Cecil gets the Excalibur, Kain the Holy Lance, Golbez the Gigant Axe, Rosa the Seraphim Mace, and Ceodore the Perseus Bow/Arrow. The problem with Ceodore using bows is that he can't use certain bands that requires slashing stuff, so I switch it out with the Wyvern Lance for those bands. Still, Ceodore's pretty awesome with a bow and hangs with the adults, especially since I gave him the Power Sash.

There are fourteen bands available with this group. I'll show most of them off.

Spiral Blow is the event band Golbez and Kain learned after Golbez acted like a disinterested dick to whatever shit Kain was rambling about at the time. Kain attacks eight times or so to random enemies, though in this case he just hit one enemy eight times. Don't know if them being in the back row affected things any, but probably not, since it's based on Kain's Jump command.

We already saw these back in Kain's Tale. I just wanted to reiterate that these bands still kind of suck.

Effect Form utilizes the white magic of Cecil and Kain with Rosa's Blessing command. It's essentially Curaja, Haste, Protect, and Shell all cast on those three. Sucks for Ceodore and Golbez!

Considering all but Haste are already multi-target, and that this band excludes two people, and it ends up being rather underwhelming.

I already showed off Vibra Plus earlier, but here it is again. Ceodore and Cecil attack to damage all enemies for solid damage.

Technically, this band is available back in the prologue. Rosa casts Holy on Cecil's blade, and Cecil attacks an enemy with it. Back row hurt it, but it still sucks.

Golbez combines his Black Magic with Ceodore and Cecil's Attacks to bust out this family band. It can break the damage limit of 9999.

As can Trinity Crusade, as you can see from the five digits and all. It combines Kain's Jump, Cecil's Attack, and Rosa's White Magic.

Sky Grinder's yet another damage band using Cecil's Attack and Kain's Jump, but to its benefit it looks pretty cool, considering Cecil fucking launches the enemy into the air, where Kain smacks it down.

The first of the brothers' bands uses their respective magic commands to wreck the enemies' shit. It apparently does more damage the closer they are to the center of the spell's attack area, which is rather weird.

Double Pressure casts Slow on everybody. A fucking Spider Silk can do the same thing, as can the Slow spell. Why we need two people to spend 20MP each to cast Slow, I have no clue. At least the charge time is instant, but it's still a really stupid band.

Again, saw this one before, but it's still a pretty kickass band.

The final band we're going to see today is the Holy Cross, using Rosa's White Magic with the father/son's Attack.

That's 13/14 bands. We'll see the last one in the next update. Overall, bands can be pretty powerful, though many aren't worth the effort. Still, there's some good damage from some of these, and we did manage to break the damage limit once.

I'm not a fan of them, but they're not useless either.