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Part 20: Cecil Does Jack Shit to Help Yet Again

Chapter 20 - Cecil Does Jack Shit to Help Yet Again

We've got the airship back, but frankly there's not much else to do. You could restock at Silvera, but we'll get better upgrades soon enough. I guess you could go to the Toroia Pub and watch women flaunt themselves or Rosa. The game doesn't really tell you your next destination, but it's Agart.

Video: Cecil Throws Away the Key

So the puzzle here is to take our one clue to our next destination and drop it down a fucking well. This is how Cecil solves his problems.

This creates an earthquake, surely killing hundreds, but it creates a hole through which we can access the Underworld.

Video: Soaring Under the Earth

Welcome to the Underworld, a pretty large expanse of dirt and magma. We'll be spending quite a bit of time down here.

Apparently the Red Wings beat us down here, deciding to fight some random tanks. Alright then.

Hold out! Enterprise!
We're going down!

All Okay?
Yeah. But the Enterprise isn't. It's dangerous to fly on.
Let's get off.

There's no flying anywhere else for now, so our only option to enter the giant underground castle.

Welcome to the Castle of Dwarves.

They're a rather cheerful bunch.

This is Luca, the Dwarven Princess. She's pretty minor in this game, though she still manages to get her own sprite and name.


The items are the same as usual. There's also weapons and armor, but most of the castle is blocked off for now. I guess we better visit the king.

Glad you're fine!
May I ask who you are, sir?

Have you still got the Dark Crystals!?
You came for the crystals. I'm afraid two out of four have been taken.
We're late.

Second time this update that Yang is paranoid about being late. Guess he's the type who always arrives early whenever possible.

Also, somehow Golbez managed to bring his forces underground, closing the entrance behind him, and steal two crystals in the span of a day. Talk about efficient. And no, we never find out where the other two crystals are actually supposed to be located.

We have seen your tanks fighting against the airships.
Ah, you call those flying things airships? You have strange things in the world above. Would you support us with your airship?
I wish we could. But it has been greatly damaged from the last fighting and landing.

Do you need anything to do the repairs?
The airship won't last in the heat of lava. I must go back to the upper world and wrap the body with mystic silver! See you later!

Don't worry! I'll come back soon!
Take care...
Thanks, Rosa!

And like that, Cid ditches the party.

King Giott, where is the crystal?
It is hidden behind my throne! As long as I am well, so is the crystal!

I must say, King Giott is pretty trusting with these strangers. I imagine if Golbez just walked up to Giott, had a few laughs and drinks, and asked about it, he'd have a much easier time stealing the crystal. Then again, I guess there's more fun in trying to blow up a dwarven castle.

Video: What the Hell

I feel someone eavesdropping on us!

No one is here.
I felt someone sneaking around!

Nothing here but some dolls. Wait, what.

Oh! The dolls!

The dolls then dance around a bit. If you want to watch them dance, watch the video.

And for the thirty-second time, we have a gimmicky boss battle. The left dolls are Cal(ca)'s, and the right are Brena's.

...I think I'm going to start using Berserk from now on.

The trick is that you want to make sure you have at least one Cal and one Brena left. If you have only one kind left...

...the dolls merge into Calbrena.

Calbrena has some fun stuff like confusion, and is a deadlier force than the dolls separate.

Usually, after enough time has passed, Calbrena will split back up into three Cal's and three Brena's, reviving all the dead dolls.

Of course, you can also just kill Calbrena outright, which is pretty easy with a berserked Yang.


You got me the other day, but now the old mage is gone. I will tell you why I'm gathering the crystals. All the crystals, both Light and Darkness, are the keys to reactivate the Tower of Bab-il that leads to the moon. It is said the moon possesses powers beyond human comprehension.


So now we're fighting Golbez. This is the final battle, folks!

Is that it? Now......!

Wait till you see the real terror!

That Mist blew my Shadow Dragon away......?!

Who is it...?


The battle has only Cecil and Rydia alive. If you're lucky, you can get Kain to Jump and possibly avoid Golbez's Hold Gas/Demolish attacks, which leaves him alive for the battle. At any rate, top priority is reviving Rosa.

Golbez has some pretty nasty spells, like Virus and tier 2 and 3 spells.

Rydia's done some training, though, and has a few new summons and spells to show off. Titan will wreck Golbez's day.

Behold the power of Berserk.

Anyway, we killed Golbez and won the final battle. I guess it's time to enjoy the ending.

All because of your help, Rydia!
What happened to you, Rydia?
Leviatan swallowed me and took me to the Land of the Summoned Monsters.
Took you where?
It's the world where all the summoned monsters live. I can't use anymore white magic, but I increased my powers as Caller and user of black magic. There, the time flows differently.
Is that why you look all grown up?

But why? Your mother...
Stop that. The Queen there told me. The greater power of evil is at work. We must confront it together!

I don't know what the deal is here. I mean, we just killed Golbez. The game is over, we won. Just get to the ending already.

Then Golbez turns into a hand. Sure, why the hell not?

Because YOU FUCKING LET HIM, CECIL. You just got outsmarted by a fucking hand. Remind me never to play as Cecil in the next Smash Bros.

We must protect the last crystal then!
Where is it?
In the Sealed Cave of northwest. But do not worry. The cave cannot be entered without the key.
What should we do? Golbez is on his way!

Not only is Giott rather laid back and friendly, but he's also smarter than our team.

Now Golbez is busy trying to get the last crystal, we...
We'll draw their attention with our tanks and you can sneak in. Now is the only chance!
What do we do?
Isn't it their fortress?
It's dangerous.
But we must do something now.
Now is the only chance we have.

Good! There is a path through the exit in the bottom of this castle! Go whenever you're ready. Good luck!

There's a glitch you can pull off here, one of the few I know of, but I'll wait until later to show off all the glitches at once.

Thus our next mission is to simply steal the crystals back. Considering how adept Cecil is at stealing crystals, it can't be that hard to do, right? All we have to do is go to the enemy's base and steal the seven crystals they stolen which are surely unguarded. There's no way this could go wrong!

Next time, things go wrong.