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Part 4

So now that we're back with Steiner, we're in control of the lug.

Steiner and his crew aren't really as well-respected as the other Alexandrian soldiers. Probably because Steiner's the only one who really cares about his job.

This is the other reward for doing well in the swordfighting minigame. Moonstones are limited quantity, so getting a free one this early on is nice. You get lesser rewards if you do worse, you only get the Moonstone for getting all 100 nobles.

As for what it is and what it does, don't worry. Once I get through the introduction area I'll actually start talking about the gameplay.

In the meantime, we've got a princess to rescue!

Hey! I thought I told you to look for the princess! What are you doing here!?

I told you nitwits to go search for the princess!

To the left of the door is a piece of paper.

There are nine Knights of Pluto. Steiner's one, and we just talked with Blutzen and Kohel.

This is Mosh. Apparently if you're good at jump rope, he'll have a special letter. It's hard to be good at jump rope when you constantly trip and wear baggy pants like Vivi though.

Of course, Steiner doesn't know this is the princess. But that does sound suspicious, doesn't it?

This guy runs around enough that it's a pain to catch and talk to him.

Nor is he very helpful.

To the east is the kitchen.

This is the head chef of Alexandria. This creature is also a main character because why not.

Whatever, Captain. I'm so hungry...

That's four. Yes, there's a reward for finding all eight.

On the lower levels you can access the libraries.

Doctor Tot is a character we will meet later because of the awkward way this NPC mentioned him. I wonder how many people remember Doctor Tot exists when thinking back to this game.

You're trying to remember who Doctor Tot is right now, aren't you?

Right now? No way!

Nitwit! You just joined us! Now, go find the princess, soldier!

If you leave and re-enter...

That's five.

Eidolons are what this game calls its summons. More on that later.

As with this.

But if we fail to find the princess before the curtain falls, Her Majesty will be most displeased... And we will be the laughingstock of Beatrix and her retinue!

Steiner really doesn't like Beatrix.

Good to know.

Care to have a seat, Captain?
Now is not the time! By order of Her Majesty, we must go search for Princess Garnet!
WHAT!?!?!? This calls for immediate action!!! Fair princess, be not afraid!!! Haagen is on the trail!

That's six.

This is the tower where that one soldier said two Pluto Knights were. Only one here, though, and oddly doesn't have a name so he doesn't count.

Might as well try the other tower.

Hmmm... Let me think about it.

Go search for Princess Garnet!
Yes, sir! At once, sir!

And that's seven.

The final Pluto Knight is on the way to the top of this tower.

Oh! Captain Steiner, do you climb this tower for exercise, too?
No! No! No! I'm searching for Princess Garnet! Is the princess at the top of this tower or not!?
I want to reach the top, but at my age, I get so short of breath.

Of course! All knights will obey!!!

Then this guy will go over all the guys you found.

I'll summarize them here since all of them start with the same text up to "given orders to":

* The double super-sleuths, Blutzen and Kohel.
* Our most inspirational writer, Laudo.
* The most famous artillerist in the realm, Dojebon.
* The only man who can name all the girls in town, Weimar.
* The knight with the knack for navigating the neighborhood, Haagen.
* The winner of last year's cannonball race, Mullenkedheim.

And this is Breireicht who knows all this stuff and spends his time running up stairs.

This is the only time you'll get this information and it's important to know to succeed in a sidequest in Disc 3.

But we get a reward for now just for talking to all the knights. Not bad.

Anyway, to advance the story we must climb to the top.

No! I must persevere! The princess must be found!

It's Princess Garnet!

Fun fact: Every step or stomp Steiner makes is accompanied by a metal clang. This guy would be abysmal at stealth.

This is the cue for our next cutscene.

Garnet makes a blind leap to the shock of Zidane, but she knows what she's doing.

Steiner's in a blind panic at this point.

Gotta admit, this looks pretty fun for a planned escape. Though she's probably lucky she's not paste on the ground at this point.

Meanwhile, Steiner learns to fly.

...but fails to stick the landing.

And so the Princess runs off, again...

...and back again after she finds out it's a dead end.

This is Ruby. She's also a member of Tantalus.

Hold yer horses, there!

You should at least say yer sorry!
Please pardon me. I was in a hurry, you see...

And in comes Zidane.

This cowgirl's wilder than a buckin' bronco!
Just let me talk to her, Ruby!

Luckily, the next room is also where we started the game.

(Wow. We really had to improvise. But hey, we got her!)

(Aww... So she figured it out, huh?)
As you have no doubt suspected...the truth is that...I am actually...

I have a favor I wish to ask of you...

Ahahaha. Poor cocky Zidane is thrown off-guard for a moment.

Aha... So that's what's going on...

It doesn't take long for him to regain his composure, of course.

Thank you. You have my gratitude.

Zidane's great because the game's not afraid to make him goofy. It's fun to watch him in action.

Don't worry, Princess. It's my friend Cinna!
Oh, really? I am sorry. You startled me.
Well, with a face like his, I'd be pretty shocked, too!

This way!
Alright, we'll follow you!


Note I've left out five or so screens of him running to various parts of the room saying "Princess?" over and over.

Sir! I'm sorry, sir!

Hehehe. I thought this might happen...

So I set up this escape hatch!

Come on! Jump inside!

I-I'll go first, sir!

And so the least-successful jump-in-hole maneuver in modern fiction was executed.

Captain, sir! I'm stuck, sir!
Grrrr! Blast it!!!

Next time we will actually finish this section for real.