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Part 33

So last time, Zidane and Quina jumped into a quicksand trap because Quina wanted to eat it.

Too scary! But good thing we exercise!

But I bet there no yummy-yummies... Or they rotten anyway!

Anyway, doing this lets us get a couple chests.

We get another Silk Robe and Magician Shoes from doing this.

We also get to backtrack to Cleyra with just Zidane and Quina. Hooray.

I get one of the chests and then forget the other despite being close to the thing. Oh well.

I ended the update before coming to this place, so let's check it out.

Our tradition, however, is older. Thus, our dances evoke greater power than those of Burmecia.

But Cleyrans fled to this tree to avoid conflict with the Burmecians, who began to value the arts of war.

It's kinda weird we get a lot of stuff about the relationship between Cleyra and Burmecia, but we never really see much between Burmecia and the other two kingdoms, other than Burmecia and Lindblum being allies at this time. Considering there are only three kingdoms and a long history of war, Burmecia definitely must have one hell of a history, but it seems to fall to the wayside compared to what Lindblum and Alexandria get.

I kinda wish there was a sense of what Burmecia was like before Brahne's forces wrecked it.

I was told to convey the following...

This is our trigger to continue the story.


The antlion!? It is usually so docile... How could-
We gotta teach that beast a lesson!

I shall inform the high priest at once.

These Cleyrans are all so damn lazy!

So, the Antlion. This enemy has shown up several times in the series, but most memorably in FF4. In that game, the Antlion is also originally docile but ends up driven mad by the influence of an evil moon man.

No telling what's causing it here, though.

Remember Puck? He's the kid who snuck into the theater with Vivi all the way back at the beginning of the game. Well, he's here.

Hang in there, champ! We're gonna save you!

Yeah, he's fine.
Like hell, I'm fine!!
That voice!

Oh yeah, that thing about the FF4 Antlion being aggressive? It also happened to attack a prince. So yeah, a few parallels there.

Anyway Antlion's tired of all this chatter.

Here it comes!

Meet today's boss, the Antlion.

The Antlion has some nasty attacks, such as Fira. But what doesn't have Fira at this point?

It also has some good steals.

Anyway, it's vulnerable to a good number of status effects. Slow and Sleep work well, and you can use a Tent to stick Blind and Silence on it if you wanted.

I target Quina with Auto-Life in case I need it. I don't.

Sandstorm is pretty terrible. It renders all characters to single-digit HP.

White Wind of course is very handy here.

As is Drain! That's a good chunk of the Antlion's HP right there.

Finally, the Antlion can inflict Trouble. You should cure that since if you get hit by Sandstorm followed by a physical attack hitting a troubled character, that's a party wipe. Granted, it shouldn't ever really get to that point anyway.

Trance is the worst mechanic. Even if it was good, I'd just be sitting back waiting until I steal crap I won't even use and then crush the boss normally anyway.

Even Quina's sad over how useless their Trance is.

While I go for that Semi-Rare steal, I have Vivi spam Focus.

Finally. Teaches Freya Reis's Wind if you didn't get it earlier, Clear Headed, and Mental Break for Steiner, which reduces an enemy's magic defense. Now we can start going on the offensive.


Note: This guy only has 3950HP. Vivi just one shot this god damn thing.


But how can this be? I heard that Your Highness disappeared upon leaving Burmecia...

Well, let us go at once to the cathedral to inform His Majesty!
My old man, huh?


He's the first friend I ever had.

So that's Prince Puck.


As mischievous as ever, Your Majesty.
I haven't seen him in ages.
I heard His Highness left Burmecia one month after me. That makes it three years.
And yet both you and Puck decided to return to me in this time of danger.

Surely no enemy of ours would attack with the powerful storm protecting Cleyra. And with the help of a dragon knight like you, the storm should grow even more powerful.
Ah, the ceremony from the time when Burmecia and Cleyra were one. I understand.

And I will not allow Brahne to exert her will upon us any longer!

I didn't think you were so strong when I first met you.
I could not bring peace to Burmecia and thus fulfill Sir Fratley's wish.

Yeah, protecting Cleyra is the best thing you can do for yourself.
Doing so will help me.

Freya's only 21, so it's not too surprising she's grown up quite a bit in the three years since she left Burmecia. She feels guilt for abandoning her nation, but the crises at hand have given her a sense of duty and patriotism, determination to protect her people no matter what stands in her way.

This is why Freya is going to riverdance with a bunch of scantily-clad rat women.

First off, here's the music if you're interested.

Second off...what?

And just like that, Cleyra now stands exposed.

What happened...?
I don't know...
I have never witnessed anything like this since we settled here.

Since ancient times, we have used the power of the stone to control the sandstorm.
Perhaps someone is trying to invade Cleyra.
I fear that you may be right, my lord.

And with that, it's Steiner time.



Zorn and Thorn will never get away with this!

No one asked you to meddle in our affairs!
It's pretty sad, gettin' backstabbed by your own queen.
This is all some kind of a mistake! I know the queen. She would never betray me!
Wishful thinking. Who knows what she's gonna do to the princess...


Why did she attack Burmecia? And why did she arrest us like this?

She hasn't been herself lately... Actually, she's been acting rather strange since my birthday last year.

Maybe he had something to do with it.

Doctor Tot left Alexandria shortly afterwards, too.

Queen Brahne summons you.
Come with us.

With us, you are coming, and that is that!

Nice try.


For so long, the queen has waited.

Darling, there you are. Where were you? I've been worried sick. Here, come closer.

What is it, darling? I will tell you anything you wish to know.

Oh... Well, no wonder you look so concerned. That is far from the truth, Garnet.

I couldn't just wait for them to attack and destroy our precious kingdom. So, I had no choice but to take initiative.

Of course.

Dagger's grown up a lot since she's left Alexandria, but even if she didn't she's clearly sharp enough to know this isn't the truth. Something much bigger is going on here.

Oh, darling, what's wrong? Why wouldn't you believe your mother?

Yes, an act from a beautiful play...

Overcome by grief, the princess must sleep for a hundred years...
You... I've seen you before...

I will take you to a world of dreams.

Hmph, impudent little girl.


This...can't be good.