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Part 47


Will this clear up your Mist Continent?
I think so.

As some posters have said, it'll probably also result in any airships aloft at the time to come crashing down and likely killing the crew and passengers, plus crippling trade for the continent. But our actions have no consequences so it's all good.

Anyway, we did all this to lure Kuja since a silver dragon was seen around here apparently.

It said that black mages are made from the Mist, right? When I thought about how other black mages were being made for war... I didn't want that to happen, no matter what.

I think they'll all hate me.

Listen to me.

After all, your brothers wouldn't want you to do that.
Do you really think so? Do you think...they'll understand?
Of course! They're your brothers. It'll be alright.

As I said last update, Eiko is very similar to Zidane, even down to the daily Vivi pep talks.

What's the matter? Why did you come all this way?

Okay, I'll be right back!
Alright, I'll go on ahead and tell the others.

Wait, Eiko! What's up?
Someone stole something precious from the village!

Thanks, but what about Kuja!?
Madain Sari isn't that far.

Eiko did help them out with the Iifa Tree, so might as well return the favor, right?

Anyway, a short and rather uneventful trek back to Madain Sari.

Moco told me the news. Are you alright?
Come now! Talk later, kupo!

All the moogles are congregated around this area. No sign of Quina anywhere, guess it got washed away or something again. Oh well, we're at a full party anyway so who cares.

Looks like Lani's lumbered fuck it I can't do a good alliteration for this one.


It's... It's...

They said that we should take care of it because it's a symbol of the summoners' heritage.

Alright. How about we start looking for clues?
I'll help, too.






You understand, right? The real villain is the thief who stole it. So, let's just look for some clues and get that stone back, okay?

We know, Eiko. But if you feel like crying, just cry.

Of course, Eiko's only six years old and not that used to bad things happening to her (well, other than losing her grandfather I imagine), so she can't hold it together quite as well as Zidane.

What about you, Zidane? What do you do when you need to cry?

When Zidane and Dagger first meet, they're pretty chummy up until Lindblum, when Dagger gets sick of Zidane's antics while wanting to prove she can do things by herself. Then once she and Zidane get back together, Dagger's feeling miserable due to a combination of failure, losing her eidolons, helplessly watching her mother conquer other nations, and Zidane being Zidane kinda put the brakes on things a bit. This bit to me feels like the first time Zidane and Dagger have acted the way they did in the early game, flirtatious with Dagger playing along and without Zidane being as over-the-top. They're definitely getting closer in a way I doubt either of them have really noticed.

But who cares shit's going down.

Dammit! The thief was still here!

They went to the Eidolon Wall!

A couple items to loot here, but nothing exciting.

All the moogles are congregating out here.

Tell us if there's anything we can do for you, kupo!

We can wait to gear up, heal, or peek inside. Let's peek.

What's this wing ornament on your back? It makes you so easy to pick up.
My grandpa gave it to me! Get your grubby hands off it!
Oh, shut up. Just be still until he gets here.

In case you were wondering about Eiko's wings, they're cosmetic. Mystery solved.

Use it for Eiko, kupo!

Free Exploda and Elixir. Not too shabby.

It's a good idea to use Man Eater for this upcoming fight, as you may expect.

Next prompt will ask us where Mog is.

Was Mog captured, too?
Nope, Mog is right here behind me.

Mog, I need your help to save Eiko.
I got an idea. It's alright. You won't be in any danger.
It's no use. Mog has always been a coward.
Yeah... Well, we gotta do something.

Standing here debating our options is getting us nowhere. Might as well jump in and save her.

What have you done to Eiko!?
She was too rambunctious, so I put her to sleep with a sleeping weed.
Sleeping weed, eh? Then she's probably sleeping well.

Fuck I knew I should've equipped Insomniac on her.

No can do. This is way too convenient to pass up!

What happened to the pendant that you always have on!?
I have it.
Oh, you really are a good knight. Now, cough it up already!

Queen Brahne is after the royal pendant. I found another jewel just like it in this village! I'm glad I came all this way looking for it!

(If only Eiko was conscious...)

You're plotting something, aren't you? Stay right there!

Huh? M-Me?
Bring me the pendant! Remember, do as I say if you value this brat's life!




Yo! Can you stand?
Huh? What's going on?

Oh, that's it! Who are you calling a hag!?
So, the tables turn! Now, hand over the jewel you stole!

I thought you're supposed to be the number one bandit!

He's the one with wanted posters all over Treno!

This guy also happened to be yet another person competing in the Hunter's Festival, along with Lani and Quina. Small world, huh?

What are you talking about?
Leave the jewel and get out of here.
What!? We're partners on this job!

Well, that's taken care of. Good thing this random guy saved us!


I told you. I'm not here to help. I just want to level the playing field.
Fair enough. Let's do it.
It's okay.

Zidane being Zidane, as always.

This is Scarlet Hair. And what a mane this guy has!

This is a solo fight with Zidane, and kinda gimmicky as well. All this guy does are physical attacks.

He only has an Ether and those Poison Knuckles that are on sale everywhere that no one can use.

Scarlet Hair has a gimmick where he'll jump around randomly, raising his evasion.

Then he'll literally tell you he's gonna attack you for a couple rounds before going back to hopping around all over the place.

The physicals don't do much damage, and Zidane evades a fair number because Distract is an awesome ability.

The guy has close to 9000HP, so it takes a bit of whittling down, but nothing Zidane can't handle.

Didn't even need items for this one. Maybe you should've focused on boosting strength instead of HP, ya chump.

Can you stand?


You wanna die that bad? I just spared your life.
So you want to banish me, then?
You can go if ya want. I won't follow you.
Aha! Trying to trick me, eh?
Trick you?

The fight's over, and we're both still alive. Good enough, right? We got back what was stolen from us, after all.
Listen to you. I lost to some spineless thief.

Yeah, that guy has some serious issues. Oh well, he's gone probably forever.


I will! Thanks, Zidane!

I'm going!

They shall, but we'll take a break and catch up next time. More plot! Don't worry, there's some good stuff and a few actual answers coming up in the next one. Also maybe one last party member? Could it be Morrison? I won't say it's Morrison (but it's totally Morrison).