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Part 94: Level 1 run - Chapter 14

CHAPTER FOURTEEN: "i illh elp you" Bort say with the cry she was sad cause thoughts gitan was dead but it was zombie trick!

Gitan needs as much magic defense as possible. There's a forced battle with several zombies and the ol' Stop tricks won't work here as 2/3 of their arsenel can make them kill themselves. I'll need an alternate strategy.

Dracozombies (dragon zombies by way of character limits) are the quarry today.

First, Gitan needs to be under Shell and at max HP at all times.

This is hard.

He'll steal while everyone else does the hard work.

This is the move I want to see.

Kukri's new dull red color indicates that she's doubly dead. She's not who we want to be the zombie.

The battle spirals out of control and a hail mary Stop nails it. The trunk is long enough I'll have another shot.

You know, assuming the other random encounters behave.

Things can very quickly go wrong when Gitan gets punched in the dick by a zombie.

thanks mr stroper

Dracozombies can cast level 5 death. Its animation is so long that I can let the team's ATB fill up, and it hits no one because CHALLENGE GIMMICK.

You know, having only the one magic tag is making this a lot more risky than it should be.

So I reload the save from before I set out to the tree (rotate your saves, children!) and buy a lame baker's dozen. So I set off again for the Iifa Tr

thanks mr stroper

Well besides that, getting to Mocchi again is nbd.

Soul Blade with The Ogre to blind the dragon. Its physical is the #1 cause of lost Gitans.

Papito tries to Slow the thing while the girls try to mute it. This reduces its offense to an inaccurate physical and Zombie Breath, and makes it not move so damn much.

Finally, it hits Gitan with Zombie Breath while he's muted! Now he has the zombie status whi-

oh my god



How did this fight go so wrong? What would happen first, Bort running, it striking her, using Zombie Breath, or the end of my natural lifespan?

I don't bother to find out.

NEXT try it zombies Gitan and I don't have auto-potion.

I need to save this. Luckily, its not very far to Mocchi.

Zombies can heal in tents, thankfully.

If GItan gets KOed on my way there, I'd have to tag him, revive him, then get him zombie'd AGAIN.

I'll just reset, thank you.

Okay make that double, apparently.

why mr stroper

why do you do this to me

Slapping Bort sucks but at least it's not a party wipe!

Anyway, after ALL that. Here's the magic elevator to Hell.

If Bort never said this, would we not have this pointless filler fight?

You may not have ever thought about it, but everything I did up there with dracozombies is entirely because of this fight. Zombies tend to kill themselves, you see. Papito can't Stop them reliably.

So, instead, I Elixir all but one of them. God I love using Elixirs.

And then I chop the party down to just Gitan and one other person. And then...

This zombozo ruins everything.

Here we are again at the magic elevator to Hell.

Elixir all but one, lose two party members, and...

Hm, well, this can work out. If it hits Gitan, he's fine. If it hits Papito, Gitan can Elixir the zombie.

If it hits the Zombie, it should just be healed, right?


Mog senses so much life, hence why I want to die.

Ah, the rare two zombozos. This just saves an elixir.

But there's no saving me!


Finally, on the next attempt, the zombozo finally does what it's supposed to do when all but one of them are gone and two party members are KOed and melts on the non-Gitan one.

The zombozo dies to deal damage equal to its remaining HP, but that leaves no one standing but Gitan. He should gain enough EXP to reach level 13, but...

Zombies don't get EXP.

Yep, that's all that was for.

There's a chance to menu afterwards. The zombie status has done its job, and there's another fight on the elevator.

Just duck and hope it passes over you!

It's a Dracozombie. Papito stops it.

This is another one of those things that makes this challenge possible. Were this not here, or were its defense bonus lower, Gitan would have to reach level 2 or 3 simply to have enough HP.

Oh Soulcage dies to an elixir like the zombozos.

Despite all the abilites mastered, none of them matter. Bort's Auto-Potion might, some day, maybe.

Next thing of interest is the Scarlet Hair fight.

The Ritual Hat, Brigandine, and Power Belt give Gitan enough defense to not beef it. If he had any less, Scarlet Hair could roll high and one-shot him occasionally, and he's getting hit a few dozen times this fight.

Meanwhile Gitan steals both of his items. The Poison Knuckles are actually completely useless in this challenge. Who knew?

And when all of that is done, Gitan smacks him for a fair bit of damage.

I tried running Counter to make this go a little faster, but to my chagrin,

it overrides Auto-Potion. I'm learning things about this game!

Attempt 2. It goes on long enough that Gitan will probably hit Trance despite his tiny spirit stat and the gauge being empty from his time among the living dead.

The Rune Tooth is giving him Solution 9, but he only has enough MP for Soul Blade's Dyne, Shift Break.

It's still enough to win the fight.

Waow, I can't believe I'm in an RPG, waow.

Owen Wilson has stats, I suppose. His main use is using Chakra to refill Papito's MP and punching one boss later.

Even variant runs don't have much to do with him. At least he has Zoolander under his belt.

One to Tidal Flame Garnet for the hell of it; Unknown number lost to plant spiders spawn numbers; died to Flans without Flee; Untimely crit pushed Sealion to fatally Blizzara; less work to suicide on optional Type A fight than to win or reset; incredible number of resets for phoenix down RNG; and then again; Marcus gained levels; Snared by the Mandragoras leaving Quan's Dwelling; Only one on a pointless phoenix down rng; Antlion did not cooperate; Again, Antlion did not cooperate; Soldiers beaten too hard once; twice; thrice; Gitan lied Cleyrans died; Tinhank and Marcus didn't make it; bonus fourth Soldier beating; Alexandrian Gauntlet toll: Beatrix 3, Beatrix vs Bandersnatch 2, Beatrix vs Bandersnatch 1, Beatrix 3; Knuckleheaded death to Ralvuimago; Actually two of them; dunked by Hilgigars; Stroper sweepstakes; resources depleted by zombies; Stroper sweepstakes 2; ran out of magic tags; Stroper sweepstakes 3; Auto-Potion; Beaten to Bort; zombie-on-zombie violence; more zombie-on-zombie violence; Stroper sweepstakes 4; Stroper sweepstakes 5; Magic Elevator Ride zombies: Gitan striked, Roulette suicide, Roulette suicide 2, Gitan striked 2; Counter and Auto-Potion do not mix.