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Part 21: Riding the Star Dragon

Bonus Update 2: Riding the Star Dragon

First off, a big thanks goes out to 13/f/cali for doing some save modifying magic to allow me to do this update. I mentioned before that it's possible to do this without modifying a save if the patron saint of the RNG favors you, but I didn't get that lucky. The only thing you need is Teleport.

For this I chose the second slowest dragon, since I don't want to limp around on the gimpy one. One of the interesting affects of this bug is that you move at the speed of whichever dragon you choose. The fastest one, however, is difficult to control.

One cast of Teleport has us outside on a dragon. Now it's time to play.

The first thing about it is that since the dragon wasn't programmed to deal with things like normal terrain, it can clip right through mountains and wander about at will. This includes walls as well. You might notice that I've somehow got Alys's sprite up there, but I didn't do it intentionally. This bug causes a lot of graphical glitches.

You can't use the teleport tiles, but that doesn't matter when you can walk in the darkness between the stars.

The dragon can't go into doors you don't have the MAGI for, but that isn't really important.

After all, you can actually walk from one platform to another up here.

A good place to head immediately is the Final Town, although you have to be careful not to step in front of the ambush site or you'll lose all your MAGI.

Visiting the Final Town will set your teleport to include all the destinations inbetween. This can reset at some points, but it's handy in the meantime. First stop...

Odin's Palace. There is a method to this madness.

Taking down Grandpa Odin is a bit harder since we've got two world's less of status increases. I concentrated on him, with the odd result of his pets hanging around while Odin was already gone. Another Flare from Rune takes care of it, though.

This gives us 67 MAGI, which is enough to get some strength, but we don't want strength.

A quick trip to the Nasty Dungeon gets us one more, and allows us to get 99 agility for Alys and Rune... not pictured, since it was pretty mundane. Getting the Pegasus MAGI makes our dragon disappear, but that's easily fixed. As long as you don't finish the Dragon race you can always teleport back and get a new dragon.

For our next MAGI we can just sneak past Warmech and grab the Heart MAGI to bring our total up.

At 69 MAGI, a number that's impossible to get to in a normal playthrough, we can use the trashcan bug to get free magic potions and max out our mana. Wait a second, why's Hana there?

Shortly before this I went to Edo to pick her up for the next stop. I'm amused by the fact that we're now riding a Hatamoto.

Parking our dragon next to Hana produces a couple of twins...both of whom disappear when Hana joins us. Well, back to the races, and then on to the First World.

Where for some reason we turn into Mr. S. I have no explanation.

Hidden in the mountains on the right side of the map is Ashura's base, which you can enter as a Dragon so long as you have a guest character with you.

The place is empty, with our Zombie/Dragon as the only inhabitant. You can just zoom right through to the end...

At which point you come out where the base was with the cloud of dust. The line here is hard coded, as you can see, since Ki is nowhere near the group.

Essentially what just happened reset a flag in the early part of the game, meaning that by going up to Ashura's tower we can fight him again, cleverly disguised as two of his arms and a leg.

This goes about as well for him as could be expected.

After defeating him, however, we get the same MAGI he gave as last time, meaning we're now at 76 MAGI without having picked up the 4 from the Dragon Race or the 4 from Edo. I hope Isis doesn't mind having a few extra bits...

This line is obviously coded to be spoken by whomever your group member is at the time and ends up with them leaving the party. It's more than a bit weird for it to be from Hana,

All of Ki's friends are back, and she's sick from the MAGI that we took from her body previously. At this point I could grab the Micro potion from the Giant's world if I wanted and go get those MAGI as well, boosting our count still further.

Another fun bug can be demonstrated by riding your dragon to a shop and then going to the left or right. This is the Inn at the Race Track...

Which connects to a store that sells equipment and items from the First World. If you leave through the door, however, you're back in the Race Track.

Entering the Celestial Palace you turn into a giant pair of trousers, but it's also possible to completely skip Apollo at this point and enter the door behind him to get good meat for a monster from Fenris or Tianlung.

You can even use the Elevator by walking in the empty space south of it and go down to the bottom floor. If you wanted to get a Seven Sword here and really ruin some boss's day you could very easily do that, although you'd have to be careful. Stepping onto the area around Arsenal deactivates random encounters, which some people might view was a benefit in and of itself.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is the Dragon Glitch in all it's glory and the final update of this LP.