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Original Thread: Final Fantasy Legend II: Let's Talk About Daddy Issues



Hello again everybody, and welcome to another Let's Play of the Saga/Final Fantasy Legend series of games.

Today's offering is Final Fantasy Legend II which introduced a new character type and saw an overhaul of many core game mechanics from the original Final Fantasy Legend. It's also got much more in the way of a character driven plot than the original Final Fantasy Legend and indeed than many games of the era. It was one of the first gameboy RPGs that I played and as a kid it was hard as hell. As an adult, I enjoyed it more.

Like the other Final Fantasy Legend this game was retitled in order to cash in on the popularity of the Final Fantasy franchise as opposed to being used to introduce a new brand. So, we get this very boring box for ours as compared to...

The far more interesting Japanese box art. I mean, look at it. No chainsaw, but we've got a hero who's bristling with weapons, a cool looking robot, a dragon, and a half naked girl on the side.

A new version was released for the DS in Japan in 2009, although there's no word of it coming to the US. We can only hope to see it coming over as it includes a less obtuse system, encounters becoming no longer random, and 3D graphics.

The plot in this game revolves around Magi, which are not wise men but instead are remnants of the power of some ancient gods that can grant their possessors powers and abilities beyond those of ordinary men or monsters. More to follow about that, but it's enough to know that this game is going to involve lots of treasure hunting.

This is the party selection screen. I'm going to break down the party options here.


Humans are the primary race once more in Final Fantasy Legend but their mechanics have been changed a bit. Instead of advancing primarily through the use of potions Humans now gain stats semi-randomly after battles. Their stat gains are related to their actions in battle, however, making it possible to direct stat gains. HP gains, on the other hand, are still fairly random. A big change is that they can now use magic although they are restricted to using magic books rather than innate magic.


Mutants are also making a return appearance with a few useful changes. They gain stats randomly in the manner of humans, but generally do so more slowly. While humans have 8 inventory slots mutants have 4 inventory slots and 4 ability slots. After battle mutants can gain new abilities but we now have some control over the process. The bottom ability in the menu is always the one that's replaced.


Monsters are still much the same as they were in Final Fantasy Legend and change forms through eating meat, but the process of evolving them has become a bit more difficult since the number of variables involved has increased a bit. Not much to say, but at least there's more variety available.


Our newest character type is the Robot, and it's a welcome addition. Robots gain stats and HP through equipping weapons and armor and have an important quality that none of the other classes do. When a robot equips a weapon the uses of it are cut in half, but can be restored from resting at an inn. They're useless for magic but can perform very well as gun and weapon users. They've also got a few other quirks that we'll get to eventually.

The LP Premise

As I've mentioned before, this game has more plot than Final Fantasy Legend and less obvious glitches. As a result I'm going to be handling this one a bit differently. I'm planning on playing through the game twice, once to showcase the story and game mechanics and once to have fun and exploit the hell out of some of the more outrageous bugs and glitches. We'll handle that second one when the first is complete.

The first playthrough is going to be using all four character types, one of each. What I need from you, my readers, is a bit of help on party options and names. One name each for a Human, Mutant, Robot, and Monster, and corresponding genders for the Human and Mutant. Limit is four characters, no numbers.

Table of Contents

Team Futurama

Chapter The First
Chapter the Second
Chapter the Third
Chapter the Fourth
Chapter the Fifth
Chapter the Sixth
Chapter the Seventh
Chapter the Eighth
Chapter the Ninth
Chapter the Tenth
Chapter the Eleventh
Chapter the Twelfth
Chapter the Thirteenth
Chapter the Fourteenth
Chapter the Fifteenth
Chapter the Sixteenth
Chapter the Seventeenth
Chapter the Eighteenth
Chapter the Nineteenth

Bonus Updates

The Amazing Transforming Zoid
Riding the Star Dragon

Team Speedy

Update 1
Update 2
Update 3
Update 4
Update 5

One Art, Please!

The Fate of Dunatis, by madcarl:

Araganzar gives us a view as to how robots improve:

meteor 9 explains Demi's problems with punching:

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