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Part 13: Chapter the Thirteenth

Chapter the Thirteenth, in which many excellent one liners are used and modern technology triumphs over the samurai spirit.

Last time we'd just discovered a hold full of highly illegal fruit in the harbor and rushed off to the Court to report it.


Judge: Okay! Good! You go to the port! And you go get Echigoya! Good job Hana!

Thank you very much, Sir!

Oh, i am so glad for you!

We finally did it, Kame!

Huh? What are you talking about?

Judge: How was it?

Officer: Nothing like Bananas were found in the ship of Echigoyas.

Can't be! Oh, Echigoya! You hid them some place!

Who? Me? Hey, lady! I came straight from the store. I had no time to do that!

Judge: Thank you for your time, Echigoya. You may return.

That is nothing, Judge.

Okay, now he's just rubbing it in.

officers be on Echigoya's side?

Don't be too suspicious.

Yeah, one of the officers might have not been on Echigoya's payroll.

Probably the one who they sent to get Echigoya, since he didn't have to not see anything.

Suddenly, Kame and Taro rush in...

You look like somebody beat you with a sack full of doorknobs. I can barely tell which end of you is which.

into Echigoya's, but they found me.

Oh, Kame...

Here they come! Hide!!

ran this way. Echigoya says he looked just like Kame. Where is Kame?

He got his salary today. He must have gone on a date or something.

Officer: I see. Hana... give it up. Some very big people are concerned in this case. It's getting out of our hands.

He leaves...

Kame is out on a date? That's the best you could come up with?

I'm.. right... here...

That's okay. Take care of yourself now.

We can't do anything like this, Hana! Let's go see Echigoya!!

You're right. I have got to do it now!

Uh.. yeah, you keep doing that.

One quick walk later..

Hmm. Mysteriously, the clerk is gone...

These guys are an irritant in the back of the store. Talking to them triggers a fight, and they don't disappear after you beat them.

They're...knights? Why the hell are there knights in Edo? They're actually pretty tough, having almost the same equipment that we do.

At the end of the hallway, there's a closed door...let's listen!

Yeah, he's off his rocker.

nothing to worry about... Here they are all nice and safe.

I am working so hard to keep the police quiet.

Oh yes! I know that. Please do not say anymore. I of course did bring extra GP just for you.

If you think about it, this is kind of funny. We've got 63 MAGI at this point and logically since Odin is a god he's got a fair chunk. Using the PRISM shows that there are 4 left...there can't be that many MAGI for them to gather left.

that is a very nice compliment. But not as bad as you, Echigoya! ..HA HA HA

I have no explanation for why they feel the need to suddenly turn and face in opposite directions at this point. Maybe it's something cultural I just don't get?

Did... did he just hear our theme music?

Fry really needs to work on his entry lines.

talking to...? Come on, fellows!

9 Hatamoto and Echigoya. This looks kind of tough...

Or not. The tank is absurdly broken at this point in the game.

Hana takes a gentle poke at him (the best she can do) and then Fry flogs him to death with a whip.

I...I don't know anything...!!

Bullshit, lady. We've taken down gods before.

What's this now?


Well, you've been doing a bang up job so far. He's only been able to build a banana empire and use the funds to gather four of them while you've been here.

Are you a Guardian?

Yes, I am. Do you know Guardians?

My father was one of you. He was called Captain..

Captain!? Oh! How is he doing now?

He.. is.. He is... gone. Didn't you notice the past tense there?

Along with all the rest of your friends and comrades. Sorry you had to find out like this.

Oh, NO! You mean he.. come with me to defeat Sho-Gun! Hana! I will go avenge for your father!

Taro is BAD ASS. He's got outrageous stats and he comes with top notch equipment. The katana isn't that great since it's there for flavor, but he's fully equipped. I'm fairly sure he could actually do this by himself if it weren't for the groups of enemies. Once again, he's this tough without any MAGI either. Unlike Dad, he's never going to hand us a MAGI for safekeeping or anything like that.

He's also fond of great lines like this one. The best part being that he can back them up.

Evidently Ninjas do appear as regular enemies later.

The Muramas that Taro is wielding has the interesting property of being a weapon that is strong against humanoids. It's probably a Muramasa sword, which were believed to hunger for blood and drive their users to commit murder. Interestingly enough, Tokugawa Ieyasu forbade his samurai from using Muramasa blades. Some legends say that this was because he'd lost many friends to Muramasa blades and had badly cut himself with one.

This castle is full of dead ends like this. It's kind of a dick move to force you into more random encounters.

Treasure continues to be awesome. The Ninja gauntlet has superior defense, but doesn't grant any really great stat bonuses. It goes to Lela since I notice she still has a gold gauntlet on. Body potions give you 40 HP, which means this is a bit late...but we can save it for a bit. The Missile goes on Bndr. It's a weapon that does about 300-400 damage to every enemy group on the battlefield.

The entirety of the castle is composed of twisty corridors and dead ends. It's actually a really cool place.

A spare Dragon sword is nothing to sneeze at. The dragon shield grants the equivalent of O Damage when used, protecting against Fire, Ice, Thunder, and Weapons.

Don't mind us.


The samurai is the best weapon in the bow class, and one of the best weapons in general. It does damage to an entire group of enemies, and in the hands of someone with high agility, like Bndr (once he has it on) it can do upwards of 800-900 damage to an entire group.

Again with the bad ass lines. Taro doesn't mess around. How does the Sho-Gun respond to this?

Yep, like a bitch.

He's a slippery bastard. I can't help but imagine him being like Mifune in Rashomon during all this.

Taro tears him a new one with the Muramas. There's a chance that when you strike a weakness it'll end up killing the target instantly. I'm kind of wondering if that could happen here.

Unlike any number of other boss type enemies, the Sho-gun is weak against regular elements.

Fry does well enough with his sword, but it's not as impressive as the Muramas.

The Sho-Gun doesn't even do bad damage, all things considered. It's at least respectable, considering that he's using a katana.

Immediately afterward, Bndr finishes it.

... Daddy?

Next time: Dealing with Daddy