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Part 6: Chapter the Sixth

Chapter the Sixth, in which our heroes come down firmly on the side of , complete their ransacking of Apollo's World, and become jukebox heroes.

Ships get wrecked with his poison breath.

Immediately upon entering the town we stopped at from the last update we're accosted by a land-fish who launches into a spiel about a sea monster. "Welcome to our sleepy sea-side town. Come for the beaches, stay for the ship-wrecking fiend."

flashes red.

Seriously, do you people talk about ANYTHING else?

I wonder if anybody could get rid of him...!

Let's start talking price, then. We are pretty much the go-to people when it comes to killing deities.

into the sea... and never came back.

I could see that.

Walking into the bar we find that there's an argument over theology going on again. I think that's the national pastime here.

It's a submarine volcano!

It's kind of nice that they have this kind of unsureness in the NPCs, but in a way it's a bit weird. Also, where are the ships they were talking about earlier coming from?

into the sea from the headland south of town.

It'd be kind of cool to meet a mermaid or see this man they mention here, but really this is just a hint pointing you to the fact that you can enter the sea by walking straight south from the town.

you need the eye to see the truth.

The bartender gives us some extremely specific information about the next dungeon, which currently means nothing to us. Actually, it's kind of weird that he'd mention "the eye" as a specific article here.

Well, 1, 0. I'd actually rather like a nice sea monster here to fight, but instead there's a volcano. Sadly, this is also a rather boring dungeon.

On the plus side, we get a chance to see some really strange tree monsters. I mean, look at that thing. Its eyes are crying out "kill me, please!"

The treasure isn't bad, especially not the permanent stat booster.

The book is going to be used to boost Fry's mana. With the stability of mutant powers in this game, spellbooks aren't as crucial since you can save useful powers for later use.

There's a handy recovery spring, which you might need in here. I didn't mention earlier, but walking in the lava takes your health down. It's not very noticeable, unless you're getting lost a lot. This is a very linear dungeon, though, so it shouldn't be an issue.

When I said this dungeon was boring, I wasn't kidding. I'd have loved some kind of sea monster to fight in here, but instead at the end of the dungeon there's three MAGI just sitting there. The TrueEye is the key to the next dungeon, meaning that you have to do at least these two in sequence.

Naturally, the final dungeon on this world is the only location we haven't been to.

As soon as we walk into the dungeon, the TrueEye kicks in and allows us to see. If you don't have the MAGI the screen is white and I believe you might be ejected from the dungeon. I'm not sure, as I haven't tried that in a while. Maybe next playthrough just to see.

This place is actually pretty cool to look at. The floor tiles move, so you can get some weird effects moving up or down relative to their movement.

Turtles are a nice new enemy type, who share the most common weakness in the game: ice. They look kind of like Byakko from the first game.

One of the tricks this dungeon uses is a large number of small rooms and splitting paths. Combined with the number of encounters and how many have multiple groups this is probably the toughest dungeon in this world.

Fry continues to do very well out of these dungeons. The power potion from above, the giant gauntlet, and this book are all going to end up being used by him.

Finally, something for Lela!

The old "multiple one square wide hallways" trick gets pulled out again, but the treasure is in the only one with a door. Revenge is a kind of situational sword. It requires that an enemy attack you first, which is by no means guaranteed.

A final new enemy for this dungeon, the Virus is mainly an annoying poison dispensary. How weird is it to see something like that wandering around in mid-air.

As a final screw you to the player, this dungeon has the MAGI separated so that you have to walk all over the final room to get them. More random encounters when you're probably just about out of resources.

Stopping by to see Apollo, he appears to have vanished. Where could he have gone?

Moving on, the next world is a single, giant town. No, not a Giant Town, a gigantic town.

Could these two facts be related? Mask was certainly pretty damn strange.

But I hear the Heroic Tune in the cafe every time.

That's funny, I always hear "Welcome to the Jungle."

It must be! It's not that easy to be a god!

I don't know, if a Goblin can manage it it can't be that hard.

Apollo doesn't really seem to have too much on the ball either, if you know what I mean.

I'm trying very hard to forget.

The earthquakes couldn't be somehow related to a bunch of kids carrying around half of a goddess with them, could they...? Also, could this place be anymore suspicious?

Wow, information is expensive here. It'd better be worth it.

Did we just pay you 100 gold pieces so you could tell us to spend more money on the jukebox? You are the worst bartender ever.

Stupid bartender...

Maybe the Heroic Tune will make him disappear?


Oh, not again.

Next time: Inside the Guardian Base.