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Part 7: Chapter the Seventh

Chapter the Seventh, in which our heroes are sprung and then escape an event that there is noh way they could have predicted.

Picking up directly where we left off, our brave heroes are sitting in a holding cell accused of being spies. Naturally, there's only one thing to do.

Demand to be let out.

Call him a fucker, that'll make him let you out!

Guard: Really?! ... Okay Sir! I understand. Okay! There you go!

Fry, you have connections!

You're lucky I don't put a boot up your ass.

Well, we now have free run of the base so it's time to do some exploring.

We have to be careful.

Just a bit paranoid?

you grown up!

Uh... guys, go on without me. I'll catch up.

Come on, idiot.

out for new gods.

You've got an extra one in there, chief. Ashura's dead.

studying about the world and MAGI in this base.

I seriously have to wonder what having about half of the MAGI in one place moving around is doing to the universe. Nice job breaking it?

It causes great imbalance in nature!

This doesn't make that question seem like it would have a reassuring answer.

people with super civilization. But they could not control their own power and ruined themselves.

I read an interesting article a while back about how almost all fantasy and sci-fi games are essentially post-apocalyptic in some degree or another. You've always got that golden age of superior technology, magic, or whatever sitting in the background somewhere.

He's the professional at collecting MAGI and all!

Does that include climbing out windows?

And abandoning families?

This has gotten... awkward...

This is in NO way significant. No way.

And he vanishes. No choice at all here. The screen flashes and...

Holy shit, what happened to this place?

Shockingly, the door to the MAGI storage is open and the boxes are empty.

Naturally there are monsters wandering around inside the base now. They're a bit more powerful than what we've been dealing with...

The gimmick of this dungeon is that each stairway has a miniboss on it, which are in reality just slightly more powerful monsters that we'll be able to encounter in large groups in the next couple of worlds.

Each one gives a MAGI when defeated, but aren't terribly challenging at this point. Come to think of it, right now there haven't been any really tough bosses for a bit.

It's funny that the advanced form of the gang enemy is a White Belt. Some of these enemy groups look like the results of a bad acid trip.

When did you start referring to him as Captain?

It's a bit easier than calling him "Fry's Dad" all the time. And it's kind of hotter.


New gods found our base and sent in their monsters. We must hurry! It's gonna be too late to get out.

Not bad for an old guy, he's got pretty balanced stats and some nice equipment. For reference, the rest of our team:

We're actually pretty comparable in stats and far ahead in HP. It's kind of nice for an NPC to not be overpowering at this point.

I kind of like how this guy has such an expression.

He's certainly got one hell of a disturbing expression when it's expanded.

This certainly gives a different metal image to the male mutant we could have chosen at start up. Is that what they're all supposed to look like?

A bit of O-Bake meat (I'm not even asking how a ghost leaves a turkey leg) results in a nice upgrade for Zoid. He's actually doing reasonable damage now.

Seriously, this place looks like a World War II battle was fought in it. What the hell did they bring in?

The final enemy in this world is waiting for us, but before we can reach him...

This is even better. The damage is about as good, we get surprise for additional unexpected attacks, and recover gives a small HP boost every round. This is about the level when monsters start to get good.

The final enemy is another generic military deathsquad type, and he's got the potential to give some nice drops. There's only the one of him, however, and with Dad's extra muscle he's going down. You know, if you think about it, Dad is actually pretty awesome since he's doing this without MAGI.

This one survives long enough to deliver a message. We've got a hostage situation here! Naturally we've got to go after her and whatever MAGI are available as well.

Just in case you didn't visit the various shops before going into the Guardian Base, they're now available in the space between worlds. How did they set THAT up?

A unique (thus far) sprite... this could be tough.

Next time: The first real roadblock boss since Ashura and an introduction to one of the longest worlds in the game.