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Part 8: Chapter the Eighth

Chapter the Eighth, wherein sacrifices are made, albeit probably unnecessarily, and our heroes enter the City of Beauty.

for you!

Help me, Sir!


Yes, Fry, she calls me "Sir" unlike my disrespectful son.

My Daddy is missing... So Captain said he would be my father until Mommy's all well.


You can never do it again!!


You go get Lynn and run! Take this Ice MAGI!


I'm sorry Fry.

He... really didn't. I'm pretty sure we could have taken that guy together.

It's not your fault Lynn. I was so harsh to him...But it was a mistake and Dad... and...

Fry! Don't be upset. We have to take Lynn home, right?

Bndr! How can you tell him not to be upset?

Fry, this isn't easy to say, but your dad supported an additional family while kicking massive amounts of ass, and was the number one field agent of a para-military organization dedicated to collecting the shattered fragments of what might have been the very source of all reality. If he were here right now, he'd

Tell me that he was proud of me and that I was a good son after all?

No, he'd probably backhand you and then tell you to quit crying, grab your nuts and finish what he started.

Okay, Lynn. Let's go home.

.. sob.. sob..

Before we can go anywhere, however...

the Guardians!! HA! HA! HA! HA!

Oh Dad! No.. no.. NO! Don't tell me... YOU MONSTER!

Our enemy is a Ninja, which I'm pretty sure will show up nowhere else. He doesn't get a unique sprite, but he does at least get a unique name.

Taking a look at Lynn, she has been upgraded, but she still sucks. I didn't explain this before, but martial arts moves in this game get more and more powerful the more they're used. The last attack of a martial arts skill is far more powerful than the first attack. The problem with Lynn is that while she has solid enough stats, both times she's joined us she had no chance to use up those martial arts skills to the point where they'd be effective. It should be noted that monster skills with identical names are normal attacks without this progressive increase in power.

Unfortunately, Bndr and Zoid are of limited use during this fight due to the fact that this enemy has insanely high armor for this area. If you don't have good stats or aren't using MAGI, you could have a hard time even doing damage to him.

Lela's probably our most reliable damage dealer in this fight with her high accuracy, especially boosted by the Speed MAGI. Fry actually whiffed on the first round.

The Ninja continues the boss tradition of using absolutely pointless attacks rather than... you know, attacking.

Headbut isn't any better. Say this for Bndr, at least he's consistent.

When he does attack, he does some pretty decent damage. Keeping in my mind that my armor is pretty good for this area, this is quite a bit of damage.

I.. I want to live...please...

Oh yeah? Well...

I want my father back, you son of a bitch!

Collecting Magi, one at a time.

One instantaneous transport later...

Don't worry.

Are we going back, Fry?

No! Not like this. I am gathering the statue of goddess... For my Dad, too now!!

Okay! Let's go, then!

Bye, Lynn! Take care!!

When he got lost in the mission as a Guardian, Captain treated Lynn as a real daughter. ... I have to give this back to you. Captain left it here.

Sheesh, how many of these things are just laying around individually in places we've already been?

After resting, it's time to continue on to the next world.

On the way, it's possible to catch a glimpse of an intriguing building in the Celestial World. If you look at it, the platforms have been slowly spiraling in toward that...

Unexpectedly, the next world actually has a rather large metropolis immediately visible from the beanstalk. There are also no monsters between the two walls.

Well, the welcoming committee is certainly friendly, if a bit dim.

from the dirty things outside.

The people in this village kind of come out sounding like germophobes in addition to being vain jerks.

The earth shakes while he's talking. I wonder if the preoccupation with earthquakes in this game is tied to Japan's earthquake issues?

We've got some upgrades to our equipment, but the Army equipment has the same defense as our Giant equipment without providing any benefits to give a reason to switch. The Flame Sword and Psi sword are definitely nice additions, though.

its very dirty.

Guess where we're going to end up going?

In the center of the town is a giant building with three entrances...

For some reason there's a garbage dump located here...? Along with Venus?

As a reward I will grant you to stay here in my world. I do not believe you can find any MAGI hear (Hi again Engrish) though. Ho ho ho..

Bullshit. That's a LOT of MAGI.

Leaving the building, however...

Flora: No.. nothing

Tell us! We may be able to help you for a price.

Flora: Leon was exiled from this city because his leg was wounded by an accident.

People get exiled because of a wound?? That's terrible! You could be using them as fertilizer to make the flowers grow or something.

I'm sorry about Leon, but it's just bad luck!

You're kind of a jackass, aren't you?

Hey... Bndr style robots? What's this now?

Next time: The first half of Venus's world. This place is massive.