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Part 5: Chapter the Fifth

Chapter the Fifth, in which our heroes discover their fame, settle a debate between faith and reason, and observe a meeting in a house with many windows.

After recovering from their sojourn in Ki's body, our heroes continue to the next world and emerge into a verdant woodland. This is actually pretty nice...

Oh God, Kill it with fire!

We don't have any fire!

Then use ice, just kill it!

Anyway, just to the south of the beanstalk is the biggest building we've seen as of yet. By all means, let us visit there.

Here we go again.

Hey, we're famous!

And what they know about us is that we show up and kill Gods. This is not a good thing.

such ambition to conquer the world.

This is good news.

This might not be.

I'd like to show my gratitude for beating Ashura.

Why do you do this?

I have enough power already. However, we still have some MAGI in our world.

You must be able to solve the riddle.

I don't think we'll so much solve it as just hit every town and major terrain feature around until we've ransacked them all.

The "riddle" is a bit deceptive in point of fact. There are 3 groups of MAGI, not 3 MAGI period.

The first place we're heading is this town, still within sight of the castle.

On the way we're attacked by wild unicorns.


What do you think the odds are we'll have to kill this God to get some Magi?

Do you really need to ask?

You should be careful.

Well, not everybody is a fan of Apollo.

There appears to be a theological debate. I know but one way to settle this.

The other barfly gives us some information about another one of the riddle clues.

I get that a lot.

But her mother is sick and her father is missing. I wonder if I could do anything for her.

The weapon shop has some nice upgrades that we'll get to eventually.

me a potion! Oh... my dear Lynn...

Let's see, vague riddle pointing us in the general direction, a family that's the subject of general gossip, and a named NPC. Rescue mission ahoy!

This cave has two entrances, which is kind of interesting. Before exploring, however...

The monsters are stronger here, so we can finally get an upgrade for Zoid. This isn't a bad one, all things considered.

Both of the entrances look identical at first, which might give a false impression that it doesn't matter.

The south entrance, however, dead ends at a chest with some rather nice boots. These increase Agility by 10.

Hofud are all over the cave and are pretty much annoying pests. On the plus side, they're worth a couple hundred of gold each. Ravens are a new and rather cool looking monster that aren't really anything special.

From the north entrance we can go down, and the chest we opened earlier has vanished.

I love this part of the game because the monster types really open at this point making for a great variety of enemies. I've got to ask, why are there giant white blood cells running around?

This is the second of the three treasures in the cave. It's rather meh. Rockets have never really impressed me.

Getting a weakness as a mutant is a pretty good kick in the nuts.

At one point, however, there's a slide that traps you in the last room of the cave.

That's some terrible spelling, but at least the treasure is worth it.

But... I fell down the slope and got stuck here. Dunatis is in my way ahead and I can't go back.

Let's go together! We'll take you home.

Wow, there really is a resemblance.

Well, we've got a new party member. In a world with monsters like this one, she must be REALLY strong.

Or not. Wow. Good thing she's in the back. I think her design is very Chinese inspired, which is kind of neat.

I love the eliminate speech. It's somehow not shocking that the God of the Mountains here is actually a homicidal robot. I mean, really, did you expect something else? Unfortunately he doesn't even get a unique sprite and goes down in one turn. He's essentially a Robo-28. I'd love to see a picture of the male human holding his severed head.

In addition to 3 MAGI, we get this. Could this X-Cure be what Lynn was looking for? The potion for her sick mother? Hint: No. Her need for a potion is never mentioned again.

Hey Fry, that looks like your dad.

What? Dad?! Why is he bumming around in a place like this? I thought he was a hero?

We should have known. This house has like six windows.

He's also ignoring you even though you're all of ten feet away. So...

and gather MAGI. What else can we do?

Next time, we'll investigate this flame that burns underwater.

However, first a look at our characters at the end of the update:

I kind of ran through the cave, so the stat gains weren't that spectacular this time around. Bndr can pretty much one-shot anything in the area with his Gold Bow or Laser Sword, and the humble SMG we got back in the first world can still take out an entire group. As for Zoid...

After cycling through a few forms I settled on Wyrm Kid. Nothing in this tier is all that impressive, so it'll do for now.