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Part 16: Chapter the Sixteenth

Chapter the Sixteenth, in which we meet the only deity who also happens to be a decent person and then immediately do what comes naturally to adventurers.

The next world after the Nasty Dungeon very much reminds me of the third world in the original Final Fantasy Legend, with the addition of some handy bridges.

Well, somebody's got a swanky palace out here. The bridge between the two halves is an interesting touch.

The treasure starts rolling in. A Defend Sword is welcome, but I'm kind of feeling like two Wizard Staves is one too many.

Incidentally, this is what the Wizard Staff looks like if you use it. I mentioned before that it can kill an entire screen full of enemies, but in my experience the success rate is only about 50%. Right now my success rate using a Flare book and killing everything on the screen is 100%.

I didn't end up using this Dragon helm since Lela doesn't have the inventory space for it. The Rune axe is another interesting weapon that uses one stat but increases another. It does damage based on Strength and increases Mana.

I didn't catch the actual treasure screen here, but this was another Flare book. I've found two and bought one, so that makes 3 of them. I really need to start using these.

Hmm. This is the first place in the palace here that's had a door...

This looks kind of familiar.

our promise? Fight with me!

Tell me! Why do we have to fight with you?

I will tell you if you can win. Now come!

Are... are you drunk?

Yes. And I'm out of beer, so I'm kind of pissed off.

If we beat you, we won't be able to revive anymore, right? We can't do that!

HA! HA! You think you can win? Come!

Well, it's not like rolling a drunk is the worst thing we've done for MAGI.

Fry's been working on his Jyudo. While it might be poetic to use the Gungir spear to fight Odin, I'm not going to. Lela's decked out with the Flare spell and that's really all she needs. Heal is a nice skill to get if you can, but it obviously doesn't help in combat too much. Zoid's where he's been since the Nasty dungeon, but whirl's probably going to be our favorite here. And Bndr...ahh, Bndr. He's become one of my favorite members of the team. That defense is a bit low, but I'm more than satisfied with his offense. He's literally bristling with weapons.

Unlike other bosses, Odin comes with his own entourage. I suppose that might be a sign that he's not really evil, unlike our other antagonists. Obviously, the first task then is to separate him from them so group attacks are the order of the day.

Jyudo isn't too impressive right now, but I'm holding out hopes for the final use of it.

YEOUCH! Odin's no lightweight with that spear. Considering that Fry has more defense than anybody else, the fact that it took out about 40% of his HP is a worrying sign.

Odin's companions add in their own two sense. As per Norse mythology there's only one Sleipnir and two OdinCrows, but that's about an additional 270-300 damage per turn.

Although with that Flare from Lela I think they've ceased to be a problem.

Zoid's support comes in handy in situations like this. 400 HP back goes a long way.

Looks like Bndr's doing about the same damage regardless of weapon. One more hit for Fry on Jyudo...

Wow. Sad to say, but good thing that was on Zoid rather than on anybody else.

I love Flare in situations like this.

When in doubt, use the Laser. It ignores defense and bypasses shield, so it's guaranteed damage in any situation.

He's got some pretty solid cash in his pockets. At least the game doesn't cheat you when it comes to bosses.

Odin's got a nice load of MAGI, but most of them are pretty standard. The only exception is the Masamune, which can be equipped and provides an infinite use sword that does about 500 damage. It's handy, but not great.

I have been here too long...

warriors ever... Now my wish has been granted...


Oh great, he's gone maudlin'.

Oh.. I'm so at ease that I feel like I'm with my dear people...Keep in mind... Now that I'm leaving.. you must go and fight all by yourselves. ...Farewell...

Is he dead, or just passed out?

I think it's about time we get out of here.

One nice thing that they do on the later boss fights is restore you HP and magic after boss fights. It's barely necessary, though, especially since the exit from Odin's palace is nowhere near as spectacular as the entrance. You're pretty much looking at it right here.

Strangely enough, the cloudbank is much larger on the other side. I actually got a bit lost.

Entering the next world there's something a bit different...we're in a narrow passageway that leads to another beanstalk, which is a first.

Walking toward it dumps us into this screen, with a familiar face.


Yes. I know you now have 76 MAGI and I have the 77th one right in my hands. Either you or I will get it all.

... you really haven't thought this through, have you?

I'm not gonna let you take them!

Very well.

Come! My Man! What the hell? And those things next to him look like ostriches with Downs.

They don't look much better up close. Despite the unique sprite, this is more of a miniboss.

As we can see from Fry's attack, it's not even well armored. I probably could have used one of Zoid's elemental attacks here, but the fact was that I wasn't going to use something that might fail and Whirl is non-elemental.

Now that I know that this thing has terrible defense Bndr will move to something other than the Laser. I burned through the rest of that Flare book and forgot to equip a new one, so Lela had to use what she had.

Luckily the Minion pretty much wastes its turn. This scorches Zoid a bit, but doesn't touch anybody else.

This thing is actually taking a lot of punishment, since we've done more than 2000 in this round alone.

Second round, same as the first.

And Lela finishes it off.

do now?

Give me the MAGI, or forsake them?

Oh, you meant to do this from the beginning?!

This is why you shouldn't depend on MAGI to get through the game.

Apollo, the only god!

Wait! You can't use those MAGI! It will ruin the whole world!

HA HA HA! The rumor that Guardians made up? Silly! I will become a real good with these MAGI! I will make my own world!


Okay, I can buy that from Lynn and her mom, and Flora and Leon. But Taro? What the hell?


Oh, I wouldn't say that yet.